updated southampton toki list.

  1. Lindsey e-mailed me yesterday with this (it was nice of her to put the price list too!):

    In the old prints, camo playground olive and camo playground black we have the following...
    Buon Viaggio $74.00
    Campeggio $74.00
    Canguro $48.00 only in camo black
    Mamma Mia $65.00 only in camo olive
    Scuola $82.00
    Bambino $48.00
    Luna $99.00
    Caramella $31.00 only in camo black
    Denaro $31.00 only in camo black
    Bella $60.00
    BellaBella $74.00

    In the newer prints, Paradiso, Inferno and Fumo we have...
    Portatelefono $63.00
    Caramella $51.00
    Denaro $51.00
    Luna $157.50
    Trenino $223.50
    Campeggio $120.00
    Scuola $129.00
    Bambinone $97.50
    Stellina $97.50 only in Paradiso and Fumo
    Dolce $60.00
    Bambino $81.00
    Gioco $120.00
    Canguro $81.00
    Nuvola $138.00
    Bella $97.50
    Zucca $138.00 only in Paradiso and Fumo
    Buon Viaggio $120.00
    Mamma Mia $97.50
    Corriere $138.00 only in Paradiso and Inferno
    CiaoCiao $120.00
    Ciao $90.00
    Bocce $66.00
    We are completely sold out of the following....
    Inferno Zucca's
    All baby bags
    Inferno Stellina's
    All of the Tan Playground print.

    She's not working today, though... I called and asked for her because she's holding an Inferno MM (w/ pink ipod girl in the center!!!) for me but said she can only hold it for two days. Well, today is day two. I call and forgot who answered but she seemed kinda irked that I called for Lindsey. Then I tell her what I have on hold and she takes but two seconds before she answers, "No, I don't see it here. You can call back tomorrow when she's working." So I HOPE it's there tomorrow and someone doesn't find it tonight and put it back on the floor!! :shrugs:
  2. Last time I called and Shauna answered. I was trying to thank Lindsey for helping me out because they didn't have to replace my order, but when I asked for Lindsey...she seemed kinda bothered too.
  3. :O!! wow thanks for the update!

    :sad: no sighting of citta rosa though..? that's what i'm currently looking for :biggrin:
  4. wow, those are pretty good prices :biggrin:
  5. I purchased the camo olive luna yesterday...

    I want something in paradiso though and an inferno caramella grr!!!
  6. Blah, I still want a cammo bella....


  7. oh wow, those are REALLY good prices! i spent waaay more on my ALL my PG =(
  8. Peachxfuzz, What bag style in Citta Rosa are you looking for?
  9. What print is in the Fumo :huh:?
  10. Fumo is the solid grayish color. I just ordered the Mammia Mia and Ciao in Inferno yesterday with Lindsey!
  11. mmm.. something like a BV, mamma mia.. those are my first choices.. OR a zucca and gioco would be cool too :]!!
  12. Lindsey sent me a postcard to thank me for my purchase :smile: that's just about the most awesome thing ever!
  13. you know I think the other SAs are starting to notice that a majority of their customers all want Lindsey and that's starting to reflect bad on the others. Hopefully some will become a little nicer because of it not urked! If they want people liking them and calling them for help then they should be willing to help IMO
  14. Whoa... you got a post card???? Did you spend that much! :nuts:
  15. Well, I'd like to find out if they work on commission. I know the Coach outlets do. LeSportsac isn't really "high end" but it's still a name brand that is more expensive than just typical bags... But I'm guessing maybe they do work on commission which is a reason why the other girls get irked. We all want Lindsey - all our commission goes to her.

    But yeah, it's the other girls own faults... If they want us to ask for any of them, they all need to step up their game!! I know the manager is out on maternity leave, but I told Lindsey to show her my appreciation e-mail that says she needs a raise. *lol*

    She even made my denaro "signature required"... but am wondering if she does that for all of us?