updated sig teal bangle and lindsay

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  1. the updated sig teal bangle and the teal lindsay are a perfect match. the new bangle had a large print :O) and its a perfect match with Lindsay :O)
  2. the top pic is the exact color here with a flash it looks lighter
  3. Oh wow...that is so gorgeous!!
  4. Oh, just lovely! LOVE Coach's TEAL!!!!
  5. love the bangle and love lindsay! the teal lindsay is amazing and looks great with the bangle!
  6. Beautiful!!
  7. The two match perfectly together! I just love that teal color.
  8. Love the teal, beautiful pics! While I love my petrol, I'm getting a case of teal-Lindsay-envy over here! :love:
  9. I Love your Lindsay the teal is gorgeous!
  10. thanks I really love this bag wish I had a second one in any color :O)
  11. Very cute! Love it!
  12. the bracelet looks fab on you! and the bag....gorgeous!

  13. Ohhhh so very pretty!
  14. yummy- pretty! your pink nails are a perfect complement for the teal! :smile:
  15. Perfect combo! Enjoy them both!