Updated review on my WTM in dark grey matte

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  1. Hi! I don't have any additional pics, but I wanted to post a review of my large WTM in dark grey after carrying it around for a few days on my trip to New York.

    First of all, I wanted to take my WTM in chocolate crash, but it has the old messenger strap which I don't find to be very comfortable, so I opted for the dark grey with the wider, adjustable messenger strap option (I am going to have to order a strap for the chocolate crash because I have come to find out it is very essential!).

    Anyway, with the new strap, I found I could clip it into the rings that the shoulder strap is attached to - that way I could have both the shoulder strap and messenger strap attached at the same time, and it looked great! That way, I could have the option to carry it over the crook of my arm with the short handles, slung over the shoulder with the shoulder strap or wear it crossbody using the messenger strap. This feature became invaluable when navigating through stores, carrying bags, getting in and out of cabs, etc. My bag was filled with stuff (in the airport, it was even carrying my laptop), so it was nice to switch around as my shoulder or arms got tired.

    Even though the bag is big and carries a ton - it looks fabulous worn messenger style and it very comfortable since it lays flat against the body (no awkward banging around and bumping into stuff). I got numerous compliments on my bag while I was there and the color looked fabulous with everything I wore.

    I am so happy with this bag and the increased versatility that the new messenger strap offers makes this bag an absolute must-have!
  2. Circoit, this bag is amazing. Thanks for the review I found it quite helpful.

    I'm going to be getting one of these in the Matte Tan or Taupe Grey.....haven't decided which.
  3. Circoit - Thanks for the detailed review! :tup:

    I haven't tried the WTM style yet and I'm trying to avoid it since I don't need any more bags. It definitely sounds like a versatile bag.

    I am curious about the new strap, so it was good to hear your opinion about that. I should be able to try out the new strap soon since my Dark Grey LM Midi will be coming next month.
  4. Excellent style, versatile bag, gorgeous leather = perfection! Fantastic! And many thanks for the update!
  5. Thanks for the review. It's good to know that even though it is a big bag it still works messenger style. That was my worry about the style.

    Are you very tall? I'm only 5ft ish so I wonder if it will be too much to wear the regular WTM across the body.
  6. Thank you for the update! This bag is sooooo gorgeous! Can u post a modeling pic of this bag worn messenger style? It would really help to see the proportion against the person wearing it. I've got girl scout cookies....
  7. Thanks for the updated review. I was just looking your bag last night and wondering if it was working for you. It seems the WTM is very versatile.

    I am thinking about the tan or the taupe grey for a spring bag.
  8. I am about 5'2" and I think the bag looks great when worn messenger style - not too big at all. I remember Jackie mentioning how the large WTM looked very European when worn crossbody and I have to agree with her. I can get modeling pics soon - maybe early tomorrow or early next week.

    For those of you trying to decide between the tan and the taupe grey, I think the taupe grey would get my vote.
  9. Thanks for the review, circoit. It was helpful (helped me obsess about another bag, actually ;) )
  10. Thanks for the update and review! Allthough I mostly use the WTM midi, the same wearabilty goes with this one. It is a very comfortable style and the bag is easy to carry. A bag, which is definately a must-have!
  11. Circoit... did you take pics in the end? I feel i need to become your bag twin soon!
  12. Hi! Gosh, no, I totally forgot. I need to get my camera out tomorrow so I'll try to get the modeling pics in then. I'm still using my WTM, haven't switched bags out since I got back - which is highly unusual. The dark grey literally looks great with everything I wear - I LOVE this color!
  13. A dark grey matte WTM? I can not wait to see pics!
  14. circoit, yes we would still LOVE to see pics. This is the exact bag I'm considering and I'd like to see how the proportion of the full size is on someone. So glad you love this bag!
  15. I just bought a WTM midi and carried it today. It is my new favorite bag. I may see about the messanger strap though.