updated report for barneys bev hills 7/22

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  1. from what i remember, there was alot of rouille and only 1 rouge vif bag (a first). the rouge vif was the thickest looking leather of all the bags.

    ink: first, box. both very veiny though.
    black: first, box, work
    rouille: first, city, oval and others that i don't remember
    greige/cement: oval and work
    truffle: city and work and one other

    i only felt the black bags, and i have to say i really liked them! still with a touch of sheen (which i actually like), but thick and squishy. i wanted to get the box but i need to save up for my preordered bags. :angel:

    edited to add: forgot about the grenat! there was a grenat city and weekender.
  2. thanks for the update jennifer!
  3. Thanks for the update. It is so great to have reports from all over the US especially for those of us with limited access to the real thing.
  4. Jennifer-
    Thanks for the update. How was the leather on the Grenat City? Was it veiny looking?? Thanks!
  5. ocgirl, the grenat city i saw was pretty veiny. there's a grenat city on ebay, and the front of that one looks good!
  6. Good to know. Thanks Jennifer!