Updated RAOK info ***PLEASE READ*** More info!

  1. Hi all, as many of you know I am trying to sort out the RAOK, so we can end this on a positive note for everyone.

    I am up to my elbows right now, trying to reconstruct the list backwards is not easy.

    If you haven't sent anything to your buddy in awhile or at all, please do so soon and let me know.

    If you haven't posted pics and thanks in awhile or yet, won't you PLEASE do so right away!!

    Let's all smile and remember why this was started and end on great note, with lots of yummy RAOK and happiness!

    :heart: Mary
  2. ***OK to post to this thread now***

    Ok everyone...we are getting somewhere (after about 7 hours, no exaggeration) :smile: I have sorted out a few problems and am still working on some others. My pledge to everyone is: This will end happily and everyone will get something, even if I have to send it myself.

    Please take the time to respond to my PMs as soon as possible.

    Stefania, if you read this, please let us know what is happening with you. We are not sure if we should be worried or not!!???!! So many of us have PM'ed you without answer, for over a month, we don't know what to think. As you know, I had ladystara call you last week and you said you were fine...but we still haven't heard from you....if you are just too busy we understand, please just send me the list and it will be a lot easier for me to finish this up for you. I hope I didn't step on your toes, but so many people were not getting stuff and upset over what should be a fun thing...I felt I HAD to step up and make sure this ended on a happy note.
  3. I just wanted to say again Mary...thank you! You are truly a kind-hearted, wonderful person for doing this.
    Please PM if you need any help with this :smile:
  4. People please answer me PMs! I am frantically trying to rebuild the list and many of you are online but not answering my PM....PLEASE do so asap, they only way I can figure who is not sending is process of elimination...and we still have 6 members who have not recieved anything :crybaby: .
  5. You are so sweet, Mary! I have some gifts (new/unopened) I can donate to send to people who have not rec'd anything! Let me know!
  6. Wish I could help you more Mary if you need anything hollar!

    Michelle that is very nice of you to offer to send stuff to those that haven't gotten anything. Especially since I dont think you were part of this RAOK! :p
  7. Hi all, I am going to be gone for most of today, but wanted to check in. I have now heard from about 95% of the participants, thank you so much. The number one thing I am hearing, from a lot of people is I know I have only sent 1 gift so far, but I only got 1 gift...it seems like it is a vicious cycle among some. PLEASE remember to get your gifts out!

    With that said, some of you have really gone above and beyond and I think you're awesome!

    Keep smiling :smile:
  8. Thank you twinkle! You're the best when it comes to organizing! :heart:
  9. Thanks! I know I missed out, but I'm always happy to help!
  10. I think I am finally almost done, I have heard from almost everyone, and reassigned a few people. Everyone who hasn't recieved anything, or only recieved 1 gift (who has PM'ed me) should be recieved something in the mail soon :smile: If you don't recieve something by next Friday, please PM me so I can follow up.
  11. Hi everyone, I have recieved a new buddy to send to and Iam very happy :flowers:

  12. YAY! That is awesome hope you finally get something in the mail soon yourself. Thanks again Mary for REALLY trying to make this end on a high note for everyone. If you need anything just email me and let me know I'm here to help.:heart:
  13. :heart: :heart: thank u sweeeeeeeeeet twinkle :tender: *hugs*.. u have such a big heart to follow with everyone about RAOK.. :heart: :heart:
    i am sure every one will be very happy at the end :yes: :flowers:
  14. Thanks everyone for really helping to turn this around, the follow through and gifts posted today has really warmed my heart! There are only a few more people who haven't recieved anything, and I have confidence that won't be for long now! If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me :smile: