Updated private-collection 'my Bbags' ;-)

  1. Just wanted to share my 'updated' bbag-collection (family-pictures) with you all - my loveliest friends :love: :heart: :kiss: :tender: !!!

    first pic: my biggest LOVE ... 'sweet little coin purses', discontinued porte-monnaies in '04 eggplant and '05 sky-blue / mini coin purses in '04 eggplant and '05 bubblegum-pink !

    second: coin purses with ... '05 teal shoe-bag and '06 black shoulder !

    third: my cities ... '04 lilac and turquoise, '05 turquoise

    fourth: my days/hobos ... '05 apple-green, bubblegum-pink and teal (hold for sale)

    fifth: purses from 2006: rouge vif and greige (greige will go back to Aloha Rag or .... ) / and at last the '05 teal twiggy (I'm selling)

    :love: :heart: :love: :heart:
    119-1998_IMG.JPG 119-1999.pf_IMG.jpg 120-2014_IMG.JPG 120-2003.pf_IMG.jpg 120-2002.pf_IMG.jpg
  2. and ALL together . . . a 'family-pic' :yahoo: :wlae: :tender: :cutesy: :party:
  3. OMG! gorgeous collection!
    specially love your shoe bag & coin purses! :wlae:
  4. Wow! I love them all! You have an amazing collection!
  5. what a lovely collection, First! Just Gorgeous!
  6. Love your collection firstclass:love: ...especially your eggplant coin purses.
  7. very nice collection. love your eggplant coin purse.
  8. Love all the great colors!! :love:
  9. Amazing collection!
    I miss your Anis City though :crybaby:
  10. OH MY LORD!! you girls all have amazing collections. seriously..so yummy
  11. SuperGorge collection! Love the 05 turq city and all your coin purses - they're SO cute!

    Thanks for sharing!!!
  12. What a beautiful collection!! I love the little coin purses, they are so cute!!!
  13. omg first... your lilac is just TDF :love: :love: :love: and your little eggplant coin:tender: :tender: ... Beautiful collection !!
  14. Amazing colors :nuts: Love your Lilac.:graucho:
  15. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I love to see all those beautiful bags together. You're returning your Greige Purse???? OMG NO!!! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!