Updated picture of the fam!

  1. Hey everyone!! I updated my fam and included some other bags - i left a lot out because i store some in my moms room since she has much more space but i dont want to wake her

    but enjoy tthis for now :smile:

    p.s. excuse my feet that got included in this pic!!!
    my new fam.JPG
  2. Awesome pic! Awesome collection! I love the Burberry - what is its name?
  3. Wow- love the BH and the Coach!
  4. Nice collection!:love: Thanks for sharing!:flowers:
  5. loveee the manhattan pm!
  6. thanks guys!! the burberry is called the novacheck bowling bag and the coach is the signature stripe satchel which is one of my faves i got it last september!!
  7. nice collection! the coach bag is cute!
  8. cute little fendi! and I love the BH
  9. Wonderful collection!!! Thank you for sharing!:yes:
  10. Very nice collection! I love your LV's! =)
  11. Great family picture, thanks for sharing!
  12. great collection! was the bed spread from Ikea? I LOVE IT!
  13. everlong! thats the first thing i noticed... sorry
    gorgeous bags :biggrin: and yup bedspread ikea... we have matching towels and the black one lol
  14. Great collection - love the Ugg bag! And I wouldn't have noticed your feet if you hadn't mentioned it :smile:
  15. what a cute family! love the speedy! :love:
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