Updated pics of my little LV collection

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  1. All of you have been so helpful along the way as I have started what I am sure will be a collection that continues to grow. So here are all of my goodies thus far.


    1) Mono Speedy 30
    2) Mono Accessories: Wallet, Cles, Makeup Case, key Holder, Business Card Case and Passport Holder
    3) Damier Collection: Speedy 35 and Neverfull MM
    4) Epi Collection: Black Speedy 30 and a Red Pochette
    5) My Purse Charms

    Not sure what my next purchase will be but I am thinking it will not be something to add a pop of color. Maybe something in the MC Line or Vernis.

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  2. Very nice collection you have! :smile:
  3. Great collection!

    Here's :drinkup: to many many more!
  4. Great collection! Love the bag charms!
  5. Nice collection, it is certainly not small though, a great size!
  6. damier KP is to die for
  7. Wonderful collection. :tup:
  8. Love your collection!
  9. Lovely
  10. Very nice and growing collection you have!! Maybe azur or vernis for your next purchase :smile:
  11. Very nice collection! :tup:
  12. Nice collection!
  13. lovely collection
  14. Great collection!
  15. Nice collection.....and I wouldn't call it little.....new vernis colors would be a great addition and nice pop of color! :yes: