Updated pics of my collection!

  1. Surprisingly they turned out pretty good! I LOVE my collection :yahoo: can't wait to add to it!:yes:

    Enjoy everyone!
    DSC01381.JPG DSC01382.JPG DSC01383.JPG DSC01384.JPG DSC01385.JPG DSC01386.JPG DSC01387.JPG DSC01388.JPG DSC01389.JPG
  2. We have 2 things in common!!! lol.
  3. You collection is great. I'm always going to be jealous of that jacket.
  4. hot
  5. I love them, Matt!! And especially your watch.. :heart:
  6. Very cute!!!! I love how everything is displayed so neatly.
  7. Nice collection!
  8. LOVE the whole collection, your black MC looks fabulous with everything else... lucky dawg.... can't wait for you to add to it either...
  9. Love the Baseball jacket.
  10. what to add next.... lol
  11. That Alzer we're getting in Paris. lol.
  12. Beautiful collection!!!
  13. very nice !!!
  14. Wow, awesome collection, thanks for sharing!
  15. Amazing!!