Updated pics of my collection...

  1. Hi ladies,

    Just thought that I'd post a few updated pics of my collection. I have the navy patent jumbo on the way and the black metallic 227 reissue should be with me soon. I'll post a final family pic after my last 2 bags arrive. Hope you enjoy the pics!

    Click on the pics to enlarge




  2. Mmm.. they're all delicious :biggrin:
  3. i am drooling over ALL your chanels! wow..:yes:
  4. Wow Jenn, what a gorgeous collection you have.
  5. Oh Jenn, I love...:heart:..love your fab flap collection! I love my flaps too...:love: Ah, and congrats on your new additions which are on their way to you.:tup:
  6. FAB collection Jenn! Love the additions since the last time I've seen pics! Your collection pic has so much eye candy that I'm tired from my eyes darting left and right over and over again trying to take in all your beauties.
  7. Wow Jenn..love ALL your chanel collection, the flaps & Expandable flaps are TDF:tup::smile:
    How's your hidden chain flap?, do you find it heavy on your shoulders?
  8. Holy sh*t Jenn! Your collection's changed so much over the past while...LOVE all your flaps!!! Especially that black patent...sooooo beautiful!! Glad to see you still have your matte gold flap...it's too pretty... :heart: And of course congrats on your blush patent find finally...it's TDF!!! :love: :love: Can't wait to see pics of your navy patent jumbo and black metallic reissues as well!
  9. :drool: I am in awe!!! I love each and every one of those so much. Congrats girl :flowers:
  10. Jenn, you have such exquisite taste. I am drooling over all your bags but I especially LOVE your patent blush. I'm so jealous!
  11. What gorgeous flaps!! You have such great taste! Love them all.
  12. you have a fantastic collection...let me guess -- you like flaps?? :smile:
  13. Whoa! I just wiped away a little drool!!
  14. Amazing Collection! I esp. love the Blush Patent. Congrats on everything! Wear them in good health:smile:
  15. Awww!!! :love: I LOVE them all! You have great taste!!