Updated *PICS* of my bags!

  1. I still need to take a pic of my accessories but I got a few PM asking to take a group shot of my bag collection, so here it is, ENJOY!:yahoo:

    I would sure like to add to this lol! Although I just did (Tobago Keepall 50 Blue)

  2. Wow!! Great collection!!!
  3. Okay, I'm drooling:drool:
  4. wow you have a lot of bags! good stuff!
  5. They're all gorgeous but that blue Tobago keepall is still my favorite!!
  6. Congrats! They r gorgeous!!!
  7. WOW really lovely! i love the blue one (:shame: sorry- i'm not familiar with it, but it's GORGEOUS!!!:yes: :yes: :yes: )
  8. ^ if i read closely what you wrote, i would have seen that you identified the blue one! sorry- i love it!!!
  9. Love the sac squash.
  10. Oh, HAHA! its cool, dont worry about it :smile:
  11. Love the MC keepall:love:
  12. Looove the Tobago :love:
  13. :drool:
  14. Definitely love the MC and mono keepall's. Nice collection!!
  15. Nice!!!!