Updated Pics of Collection after 2 months on PF!!!

  1. Here are before & after pics of my collection. Before and after the PF that is!!!!!:lol: :lol:

    It certainly has grown!! Thanks to all of you great ladies!!!! (and guys).
    DSCN0258.jpg DSCN0306.jpg
  2. It's all beautiful, great collection! This is exactly what happened to me after joining tPF!
  3. i really love your manhattan! so gorgeous!!!
    nice collection :heart:!!!
  4. I am afraid I am going down the same path as you! Addiction after finding this forum! Just love it!
  5. Congrats! I understand, after joining PF I want a new bag everyday. It's so addictive!
  6. Nice collection! Yep, that's the danger of hanging around the PF!
  7. Congrats on your new additions to your collection! I joined in the beginning of the year and I have added 20+ bags to my collection! Yikes!

  8. OMG!!!! 20+ bags in one year!!!!! Wow. I am in awe. It's only been 2 months for me and I keep telling myself, thats it now!!!:lol:
  9. I love your collection
  10. I love your collection :love:
    It's an evil place here :graucho: I joined in April w/ just one LV and now I have three... and am already eyeing the next two :shame:
  11. Wow- LOVE LOVE LOVE the bronze bedford! btw, what happened to your cabas piano?
  12. Great collection !! Congratulations. :flowers:
  13. tr444, nice collections....
    Vernis bedford is TDF..
    Keep on buying [​IMG]

  14. Sold it to partly finance the MC Trouville. :yes: I never used the cabas so it was worth it.
  15. I love your before and after concept! Congrats on a beautiful collection.