Updated pic of my smaller LV pieces...

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  1. Couple are missing but I looove this nightstand thing we just bought for my room, I can just pictre it now.

    Waking up and opening it and saying " hmmm what bracelet/cles do I use today lol" if I only had all my fav. cles though!! :sad:

    I want soo many more accessories but a lot are duplicates just different lines :Push:
  2. What cles are your fave ?

    And I just love the bracelets so much ! So cute !
  3. I looove the Suhali because of the colors! I want the blue, black and white, and then both MC's! but that's $1,350.00 before the increase for cles's lol!
  4. Great pieces.
  5. Oh and the black thing above my wapity is the monogram glace braclet, it's hard to see :sad:
  6. Great collection!
  7. Oooh that's ambitious ! Not a fan of the plum colour for suhali ? And even though it's a lot of money for accessories, cles are so perfect for everything !
  8. ***waves to wapity*** hehehe!
  9. I like the plum but I thought it wad disc.

    oh great now I want 6 lol
  10. Yeah it is.. but I seem them now and again on eBay, and the plum is such a gorgeous colour - it definitely deserves a place on your list ! ;)
  11. Great accessories, and nice abs I must add!!! ;)
  12. i like the bracelets!
  13. I LOVE your bracelets!!! What are the name and style number? Are they still for sale? thanks
  14. Theda Strength bracelet's or Theda Strength Force Bracelets, I paid $290.00 each. There are 2 versions, the thin and the thick, I have the thicker one. Yes still for sale but I know they have gone up since the last increase and then when the new one hits... but worth the $
  15. I love your bracelets! I also love your red suhali cles! :biggrin::heart:
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