Updated photos of my collection. Everyone agree I need green?

  1. Maybe a vert deau first?[​IMG]
  2. green and RED!
  3. YES! You NEED a vert d'eau first :yes:

    I love your blue.. what color is that?
  4. ITA!!! :yes:

  5. exactly what I was thinking :yes:

    great minds Fayden :supacool:
  6. hahahaha, i really love that violet work you've got there. LOL.
  7. and some yellow to brighten everything up. i don't even have a yellow but maybe when jaune arrives...
  8. Thanks :smile: it's the 05 Sky Blue.

  9. I'm scared :nuts: of red
  10. Oooh it's pretty.. I want a blue bag now..

  11. why?

    red is awesome. you already have a bright bag (magenta) you should try a red one out
  12. Jem, I have no idea why? I had a beautiful Rouge VIF city and wound up returning it. I just couldn't bring myself to carry it out of the house. I guess I'm just not a red girl. I do love Grenat :yes:
  13. Totally recommend Vert D'eau~~~
  14. How about vert gazon? It would add another splash of color to your already fabulous collection. :yes:
  15. Z&J,I totally understand how you feel about red. I have a Grenat PT but have started thinking I really want a Rouge Theater since it's a darker red. Think about it but like you I would pick a green first. I LOVE your Work by the way!:heart: