UPDATED - more pics! Chanel experts! ID Nicole Richie's purse?

  1. only have this one picture...if I find more I'll add to this thread!

  2. Looks like Chanel to me. And is that really Nicole Richie? Doesn't look anything like her! (unless i'm being dumb and it's some other Ms. Richie!)
  3. Wow, she looks so different! And who is her new beau?
    I think it's her beacause of the tat around her ankle.
  4. That does not look like Ms. Richie.
  5. if there was not a tattoo, I would not believe that's NR!!!
  6. That doesnt look like Nicole Ritchie....esp those legs!
  7. It's def her - not sure who the new guy is! Supposedly her new man lol. She DOES look different there - the hair extensions and all. And the legs are the bomb!!!! Wish I had those :crybaby:

    I miss her style from last season though :sad: She's very boho-hippy-ish this year which I'm not so keen on.
  8. Those shoes that the guy has on are cracking me up. I would never be seen in public with my husband if he wore those!
  9. LOL Lisa! Can you believe those RED shoes? I can just see my DH sporting those around too :smile:))
  10. It looks like she got her lips done or something. Her face is more squished than usual. Also, her eyes look all droopy. But maybe I'm just so used to seeing her with sunnies on!
  11. Neither one of them is wearing a good shoe selection in my humble opinion.
  12. not keen on the shoes either but looking only for that bag. Thanks!
  13. The bag looks like Chanel.
  14. If that's Nichole, somebody better get her into a hospital!!! NOW!!
    Yes, the bag looks like Chanel.
  15. Sorry :shame: , I agree its probably a Chanel.