Updated LVR Balenciaga Stock PDF

  1. Dang.....no Bleu India Day bags :crybaby: . PM me if you want me to email you their stock list.

    Edit: has anyone had confirmation of who will carry this bag?
  2. You've opened the floodgates now! Watch your Inbox fill up.:graucho: Just PM'ed ya, lol!
  3. Lvr?
  4. ^^^Luisa Via Roma
  5. me pleaaaase! I'll PM you my email :smile:
  6. Got it! :flowers:Thanks Cal!!!:flowers:
  7. got mine too socal thanks!
  8. Thank you so much, Cal! I got it!:heart:
  9. i just pm'd you.
  10. i got it...
    thanks a lot.....
  11. Hi Cal, i would love to get a copy of that :smile: i've PMd you my email already :nuts:
  12. I got this PDF as well a few days ago, but I wonder; does LVR includes italian VAT (20%) in their prices showed in their Balenciaga-pdf like they do on their webpage?

    Edit: I just found out, they do include it :smile:
  13. I got it, thank you Cal !
    Finally figered out what happened to my emails! :P
  14. got it Cal, THANKS!! :flowers: