Updated List! Need help deciding now!!!!

  1. Ok after starring at the Coach website for what seemed like an eternity. I came up with a new list of bags I would want to purchase durring PCE. I need help deciding and I trust your opinions. If you could also tell me why you picked the bag it would be much appreciated.
    Thanks lovely ladies!:love:

    Here they are
    Coach # 1
    Coach # 2
    Coach # 3 in Brass/Khaki/Ebony if they get it back in???
    Coach # 4
    Coach # 5
    Coach 1.jpg Coach 2.jpg Coach 3.jpg Coach 4.jpg Coach 5.jpg
  2. you can't go wrong with a legacy piece. personally, i would get the shoulder bag. it's a great bag- roomy without being bulky.
  3. I agree with the Legacy piece (#3). I have that same bag in the colors you want and it is GORGEOUS!!
  4. #4 if #3 falls through. I like #4 because it's signature and it holds alot from photos I've seen elsewhere. It's also bigger than I thought it was.
  5. any legacy piece
  6. anyone else?
  7. #3 if available. If not then either #4 or #5.
  8. I vote for the Legacy shoulder bag -- the natural leather is my first choice and the khaki/black signature is my second choice. I love all of the Legacy bags and, even though the shoulder bag was a bit too big for me, it looks great on everyone else. The natural is a great color and I think it's a leather that you can carry year around.

  9. ITA!!! A legacy shoulder in any color would be a great choice......
  10. legacy shoulder.
  11. I love the fifth one, as well as the second one. Of course, you can't really go wrong with any of them, they're all so pretty.
  12. Definitely go with anything Legacy...if you like a bigger bag, the Legacy Sig. Ali would be great!
  13. i think the legacy piece #3 would b a good choice bc it has a lot of room so you can fit a lot of stuff in it
  14. I vote for #5! But then again, I'm not a fan of the lighter colored signature bags (I'd rather do the black tone-on-tone signature)...
  15. #5...I love it and the color--plus I'm a fan of leather over signature.