updated info on silver tags at LP's blog :)

  1. thanks for the update, LP! you are the bestest!
  2. Thanks!
  3. Thanks LP!!! :flowers: I was just examining my Y and W bags last night and nearly had a minor heart attack because i JUST noticed that the .925 stamp was different on both bags.... PHEW! I figured maybe it's just a s/s and f/w difference as bags were impeccable in every other way... SO glad it's been confirmed ... :sweatdrop:
  4. Thank you LP!!! :heart: What a wealth of knowledge :smile:
  5. Thank you LP! I love your site!
  6. Thanks so much for the update, LP! Your site is the best! :flowers:
  7. thanks everyone... :shame:
  8. Good info. :yes: I love Atelier.Naff updates! Thanks LP!
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  10. Thanks LP! That website is a lifesaver. :love:
  11. I love your blog, thanks!
  12. I agree!:yes: I have it bookmarked and refer to it often, thank you LP!