Updated Info About TMA Midi from Jackie

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  1. From a message this AM:

    "...How lovely to hear from you. Yes, the TMA midi has been sketched and sent off to the atelier, so now it is just a matter of them finding the time to get it done. Right now they are working on the spring orders and the hobo and TMA midi is next....hoping Feb or March to get something finalised. We have a new person working on samples, so it might be sooner, lets see.

    Thanks for your understanding."

    This is all the info she has, so if there are additional questions, perhaps we should put them in this thread for future reference. (I told her I wouldn't pester her, as she is still in Sweden - and I'm an excellent "pest" :P!)

    So no dimensions, prototypes, etc. just yet --we'll have to wait a bit. I told her I was sitting on my hands not participating in any bespokes (darn you, girls from the TME pebbled choco contingent :sweatdrop:!), since I'm trying to be very good about bag purchases this year...
  2. Thanks for the info, audball. I've been very interested in this TMA midi as well. I would like one in that matte chocolate. I'm so glad to hear they're working on the hobo though. Can't wait to see that one. I've been debating between that and a WTM.
  3. How fascinating - I might want a Tan one or may be a Green one if a really nice green became available.
  4. Thanks for that info... that allows some time for saving!
  5. I am interested in seeing this bag too! The TMA is way too large for me, but I think that the style looks really fun and practical. The midi size might just be perfect.
  6. I bet it will be a fantastic bag. I can't wait to see it.
  7. Thanks for the info Audball! :tup:
  8. yay, thanks for the update! And I'm excited to hear we are getting close to the new hobo!!! Can't wait to see both!!
  9. Glad the hear the Hobo will be coming sooner than later. I really have been searching for one but, can't find one that I really like.
  10. Wow! Great news...this is one of my fave BE designs, and I am thrilled to see it come back in a slightly smaller size. (I keep on going to the grey one at AFF that sold and :drool:ing)...
  11. i so want this size in tan!!
  12. No new news? March is approaching! I'm dreaming of this in dark grey matte for late summer/fall. Anyone else?
  13. I was going to send an email at the end of the month, since I know she has a lot going on. I figured that if she said February/March then a check at end of February would seem fair ;)...
  14. This would be my FIRST pick (or a Hug Me) for a bag in the natural cervo lux, should Jackie be able to get some...thanks for keeping us posted, audball! :smile:
  15. I agree with Loquita! I love the look of the TMA in the old tan! I think it would look good in the new taupe grey!