Updated gray bag poll with more options/pics

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Dark or light? Large or small?

  1. A - large light gray bag

  2. B - same light gray in a smaller size

  3. C - same larger size bag in a dark gray

  4. D - different dark gray bag with zippers

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Sorry for starting another thread, but I am not 100% on what I want to do and this gives much more detail.

    A - large light gray bag
    B - same light gray in a smaller size
    C - same larger size bag in a dark gray
    D - different dark gray bag with zippers

    I can't get the gray bag without zippers in the smaller size in the dark gray. They don't have it. If I want the smaller size, it has to be the light gray. I can get the dark gray in the large size.

    But does the large size swallow me up?

    The different grays in bad office lighting. Both grays look better irl


    Option A - large light gray bag - the hardware is nice, but I can't capture with my darn cell phone camera.


    B - same light gray in a smaller size - no pic but it is the same exact bag and color as above but a couple inches smaller.

    Option C - same larger size bag in a dark gray. Color is a smidge ligher irl.


    Option D -different dark gray bag with zippers


    TIA for your opinion!
  2. i voted a different dark gray.
  3. All options either looked or sounded very nice. I'm just a fan of med. to darker greys.
  4. I went with c, I love RM Nikki's and even if it's lighter in person, I like the colour.
  5. sorry to be complicated but i like the dark gray color of the lp but the style of the rm.

    the rm gray looks more like a taupe to me but i like that style bag more than the lp.
  6. You aren't being complicated. :smile: There is an option for the rm bag but darker gray. Option C. I am the one being very complicated!
  7. Option D, if you're a busy girl like me who's always on the go, you'll appreciate the zippered pockets! GL!
  8. I guess part of my worry with option A or C is if I can pull off the larger size.

  9. I kinda agree with that. I think you can simplify matters by eliminating the options that don't meet your needs and wants and getting the one you like the most. So the large Nikki is too big, and the small Nikki doesn't come in dark grey. Then why not eliminate those options right there? Is there anything wrong with the LP bag?

    I still like the same one I liked in the previous thread--D. But that's what I like.
  10. Based on what? I mean, on what are you going to base your decision as to whether or not you can pull off the larger size? On how it looks to you or how it looks to others? If you think it's too big for you, then others saying it isn't won't make much of a difference each time you wear it. If you like it as is, then why be concerned with those who think it's too big?

    I've noticed that you frequently ask others which bag or which color to get. I think that asking for opinions can help every once in a while, but it can also make the decision process more difficult and confusing when we make a habit of it kuz of all the opinions that bump into each other in our heads. Just my two cents. :smile:
  11. I chose C again, because although in its best pics, I would normally prefer the LP silhouette to the others, it can still look sloppy or lose so much of its shape quite constantly. So, I choose the dark grey Nikki, which shares the better color and has the better general design.
  12. #12 Sep 21, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2010
    Based on if I look like a bigger size is swallowing me up. I realize I have to deicde this. That is just what I am mulling over right now.

    Yes, I do ask a lot. I know. I ask because I am very indecisive. Always have been. I tend to like too many bags. Mostly I ask because I am curious about what others have and/or think. I don't make my final call on what strangers think, but I like to hear what they have to say anyway.

    Sometimes it helps if I am on the fence. Sometimes I like to see what others who appear to have similar tastes that I do (based on what they say they own) think. Or if someone has the bag and can talk about what they like/dislike about it, all the better.

    I have also found that sometimes it helps me to decide what I really want. For example, if the majority said they liked one and that bummed me out, then I realize which one I liked better all along. Sometimes I end up with none of the above and that is why I am still asking.

    Just some examples as to why I ask. I can tell you are a decisive person who knows what she likes and that is great. Sadly, I am not always that way. I do agree that too many opinions don't always help, but they never really hurt for me either.

    I like both of these bags for different reasons. I cannot have both, nor do I need both. So, while I am thinking about it, I decided to ask what others think. Hopefully people are not getting sick of me asking. I guess I assumed they wouldn't bother with my threads if they were. :shame:
  13. Ok Sandc! I am going to give you my opinion since I, too, have looked at the RM Nikki bags. I happen to love the style much more than the LP!! I would go with the Mini Nikki. I didn't even realize they were making the mini anymore. I prefer a darker gray because it can be worn all year without worry of outfit or season. The lighter gray I feel limits you to warmer climate.

    I love the smaller nikki because it looks refined and I feel it will stay in style much longer. I hope that helps you and I think you are so cute in asking for opinions! I hope I haven't confused you even more!:biggrin:
  14. ^ no, you haven't confused me. Sadly, they do not make the mini nikki in the dark gray. If they did, that would be my choice. The mini is only going to be availble in the light grey. At least for now.
  15. I guess I'm one of those decisive people, but I wasn't always that way. I used to agonize over decisions...OMG, it was crazy! I hated being that way kuz it took me longer to make decisions, and I felt like I was always second-guessing myself and injecting doubt where initially there wasn't any. I'm trying to think back to when that changed...and I think it was when I realized (and don't ask me how I came upon this great revelation) that most of the time there was no "right" or "wrong" choice. That it was a matter of preference--just that, simple preference--and that my own was as valid as anyone else's. I also realized that my fear of making mistakes when making decisions made the process even more difficult and paralyzed me with anxiety. Maybe we should start a thread on this topic, on how different people go about making decisions. I find it fascinating.

    Anyway, it sounds like you're very concerned about size, and looking at the first photo, I can see why. If it were me, I wouldn't like a hobo that big, but that's me. I've noticed that a lot of people think "the bigger, the better," hence the current huge-bag trend. I think that if it's bugging you now, it will likely bug you every time you use it. I like the LP bag more, on its own, and I also like how it looks on you kuz of its shape against your body. IDK...something about it just looks better to me.