Updated Dooney & Bourke Collection!

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  1. I decided to get rid of all my signature bags, and stick with leather. Right now, it's not much of a collection but I'm so happy with what I have.

    Dooney & Bourke Large Kristen Tote (Light Pink) -Purchased from a local consigment shop for a little over $70.00. It was NWT and even had the dustbag.

    Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather Satchel (Black) - Purchased from eBay for $51.90 including shipping.

    Thanks for letting me share.

    Dooney & Bourke  Updated Collection 2014.JPG
  2. Pretty bags! My collection started with 1 lonely AWL bag and has increased to 7 bags in the last 3 months!
  3. Great items to keep! I have the satchel in T-Moro brown. What a cute and fun little bag. The pink is really cute too.

    At the beginning of the year, I had about 28 bags (Dooneys). I just recently sold 5 and gave 4 to my mom. I going through now and getting rid of more. It's crazy to have that many bags. Kinda embarrassing sometimes. :smile: Thanks for sharing with us!
  4. Cute bags!
  5. Nice little collection Princess. :tup: Thanks for sharing. Be careful, it's addicting. I started my collection last summer, with the exception of one bag I had for 6 months prior which I have since sold. I now have 14 bags and several accessories. :shame: I did sell several other bags to make room for these. :girlwhack:
  6. Love your AWL bag!
  7. It is crazy addicting. Lol. I started with wanting and needing one "quality" bag and now I have more than a few quality bags. Lol. And I just started like two months ago? Lol. Sheesh.
    Love your bags, by the way. :smile: