~*~Updated Collection~*~

  1. My collection:

    (not big at all, but im only 12)

  2. nobody likes my collection?? :sad:
  3. Aww, its great collection

    ! I have that agenda in rose too! I love it!

    I also have the scribble tote, but the larger version in khaki! I haven't used it yet though, I'm saving it for when classes start lol! I :heart: your matching shoes and bag! That's so cute! :yahoo:

    I wish I had that much coach stuff when I was 12! :tup: Lucky you that your parents started you out early! I started liking coach in college and haven't looked back since!

    Congrats on a great collection! ;)
  4. beautiful choices!
  5. Thats a GREAT collection!:tup:
  6. That is a beautiful collection!
  7. That's a lovely collection! I love the pink tote!:smile:
  8. thanks guys :smile: i really appriciate it :smile:
  9. Love your collection
  10. I wish my mom bought me coach when i was 12.. she thinks i'm nuts for spending that much on "a stinking purse" and i'm 18.....jealous.....i've got four bags and a wristlet, so i think you win...:p
  11. Super Collection!!! :tup:

  12. Wow! I am much older than you and have a much smaller collection.

    Very nice items.
  13. TWELVE?:wtf:

    That wishlist is VERY big for a young lady your age!

    We can all dream, right?

  14. hehehehe, ya...............i have very bad spending issues..........:p
  15. Great collection!