Updated Collection

  1. Here's my updated collection:


  2. Hi, great collection!

    Please check the rules for this Forum though, each member is allowed 1 {one} Bag Showcase thread.
    You have 3.
    I just deleted 2 old ones, but in the future, please just update this thread w/ new purchases.

    Thanks! :tender:
  3. great pics
  4. FABULOUS collection!:love: LOVE your Sac Coussin (among other things)! It's adorable!
  5. great collection
  6. oh ok! Thanks so much.
  7. great collection!
  8. Great LV and Dior collection!
  9. wow!!U have a realli great collection!!
  10. Great LV collection! I love the CB Pap and Denim Baggy PM the most!
  11. great collection!
  12. Love the Dior saddlebag and epis!
  13. great collection!! thanks for sharing !!
  14. denim baggy is cute!
  15. Awesome collection :smile: thanks for sharing...