updated collection pics

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  1. Beautiful variety! I can see why you love them all and can't pick a favorite. I wouldn't be able to either!

  2. thank you!!!😘

  3. thanks so much!!😘

  4. LV has so many leathers and canvas - so I try to have a nice mix. I think I picked the right ones for me and my lifestyle. thanks for your lovely comment!!!😘
  5. Wow! You have very good taste! They are all very best! Which one you use the most? Which one you baby the most? And which one you love the least? Ha...this are tough questions for you....

  6. really tough....lol the most I defenitly baby my alma in RA. I really use all of them. for spring and summer DA / fall and winter Mono / rain DE / date with DH and outgoing alma & speedy... and in between just which I like at the moment. the most used ones I guess are the evora & the estrela. I really love them all and couldn't pick just one. I would buy every single piece again....
    thank you so much BTW!!!😘
  7. You have a Trevi AND Evora?? I love them both but rarely see them side by side! Thank you for sharing! :love:

  8. yes - I really have a great hubby.... lol
    DE is such a great pattern and matches with almost everything! I couldn't decide and the trevi was my first LV. but as an every-day bag the evora is better IMO. thank
    YOU for your lovely thread!! 😘
  9. Really? Evora for every day?? That's good to know. I always thought I preferred that to the Trevi but when I keep looking at your pic my eye goes to the Trevi! Huh...good to know! A mom at soccer has one and I swear I watch her bag more than the game!:giggles:
    Indeed you have a great hubby!

  10. I think the evora is not so elegant like the trevi. as I love to wear jeans the evora just matches great and she is very carefree. she is also a little lighter IMO then the trevi - that's why I prefer her as an easy go bag. but for a datenight with my DH I love the trevi much more....
    hihihihi don't tell your kiddies about you paying attention to a bag and not to the game!! lol I would be the same... lol we are sooooo addicted! 😂😂😂
  11. love your collection.

  12. thank you!!!😘
  13. Great collection! I love that you have one of every material/print! :smile:

  14. thank you! I like bags in different styles and patterns...😃
  15. Great Collection! Got some solid pieces!