Updated collection pics!!!

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  1. So many have come and gone since i began here is my most recent shots taken tonight. total of 15 bags 3 wallets 1 wristlet 1 keyfob and 10 scarves.:smile:

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  2. very nice!!!!!
  3. Cute collection
  4. such nice eye candy :smile: LOVE IT.

    We're twins on the kira
  5. Girl you have one downright GORGEOUS collection! :nuts: Congrats they are all beautiful!
  6. more pics

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  7. You have some very beautiful bags!
  8. Nice collection! You have a good few different colors!

    Know what style that fob is? I haven't seen that one yet.
  9. Wow!!! Gorgeous Collection! My favorites are your Legacy pieces and your Sabrinas! The Kira is very pretty, too! Love it!
  10. thanks! i need to start getting more smaller items and using them lol.
  11. all hail xl lily she is to die for...and i love the sabrinas...
  12. Beautiful Collection!!!!!!!
  13. lol yes miss xl lily is the queen!!! kira is giant though even bigger than lily. i love my sabrinas also... especially the cobalt blue
  14. Great stuff! That Lily is TDF! Love the Kira and the Alexa too! Thanks for sharing your pics.
  15. Day-um what a collection! Love it all! Totally drooling over here! I could base my wishlist just on what you already have lmao!

    Lily and Kira and Sabrina....oh my!