Updated Bella the Chihuahua pics!

  1. OK, so you guys are probably sick of seeing doggie pics from me....but c'mon, she is so friggin cute!! Their tails were wagging so fast in the one picture, they are completely blurry :p
    DSC00481.jpg DSC00482.jpg DSC00483.jpg
  2. AWWW....so cute!!!! They are so adorable!!
  3. Such cuties! I love the blurred tail pic. They are clearly happy doggies!
  4. so adorable!
  5. ahhh so sweet!!!
    never sock of dog pics!!!
  6. LMFAO!!! Bailey's tail is wagging so fast in one pic the end of it looks blurry!!!

    SUCH cuties!! And totally OT but I LOVE your tile! You have the best taste!!
  7. Thanks, it was one of the many reasons BF and I chose the house...Bailey HATES the all tile floors (with the exception of the bedrooms) and Bella LOVES them, she will lie on it with her little legs stretched out behind her....funny how they are so different. Bailey has yet to even SIT on the tile, she just jumps on the couch :nuts:.
  8. They are absolutely adorable. I have two Poms and they are both very different as well. It really is remarkable how different they can be given the same environment. You have to love their individuality, eh?
  9. Such cuties!! I never get sick of seeing cute pets! :smile: