Updated Balenciaga NY Stock as of Friday 5/5

  1. I received an e-mail on Friday with the current stock:

    Currently In Stock:
    First: Black, White, Grey, Magenta, Bleu, Ice Bleu, Rose, Rouge, Origan, Metallic Rose, Dark Denim w/Marron Leather Trim

    City: Black, White, Grey, Origan, Bleu, Ink, Rose, Dark Denim w/
    Marron Leather Trim, Dark Denim w/Ivory Leather Trim

    Twiggy: Black, White, Grey, Origan, Bleu, Ink

    Day: Black, White, Grey, Dark Olive, Origan, Rose, Bleu, Ice Blue,
    Ink,Magenta, Rouge, Metallic Rose, Metallic Silver, Dark Denim w/Marron
    Leather Trim, Dark Denim w/Ivory Leather Trim

    Work: Black, White, Origan, Bleu, Magenta, Rouge, Metallic Rose

    Weekender: Black, White, Grey, Rose, Bleu, Ink, Lilac, Dark Denim w/ Marron Leather Trim

    Messenger: Black, Grey, Dark Olive, Teal

    Box: Black, White, Rose, Bleu, Ink, Dark Denim w/Marron Leather Trim,
    Dark Denim w/Ivory Leather Trim

    Shopping: Calcaire, Ice Blue, Rouge

    Purse: Black, White, Grey, Origan, Rose, Bleu, Ink, Dark Olive, Calcaire

    Shrug: Black, Grey, Dark Olive, Wine, Calcaire, Magenta, Rouge, Bleu

    La Pouchette: White, Grey, Bleu, Ink, Origan, Rose

    Clutch: White, Grey, Origan, Dark Olive, Ink, Magenta

    Wallet: Black, Grey, Chocolate, Calcaire

    Mini Wallet: Black, Origan

    Coin Purse: Black, White, Grey, Wine, Dark Olive, Origan, Magenta,
    Rouge, Chocolate

    Hook Box: Black, White, Grey, Bleu, Rose

  2. Thank you for the update, Tori!
  3. Oh NOOOOO they still have origan city...... I... must... resist.....

    Thanks for the update, Tori!
  4. OMG look at all the magentas:love:
  5. Thank you! Nothing in Rouille! How funny. Maybe that's a sign :P
  6. I just called, and they only have shrug in magenta color:cry:
  7. Wow! Guess they had a busy weekend:sad:
  8. Are there any members here who live close to that store by chance?
  9. Is the messenger the courier?
  10. ^ I think messenger is the Men's Day - longer straps
    (pic from ateliernaff)
  11. Ditto!
  12. Thanks so much for the updated list!
  13. Thanks for posting this Tori! I was just about to call them to see what they had.:biggrin:
  14. I live right by it....im on 26th and 6th...i got all the time! :P

    if any or you ever want something checked on i can probably do it!
  15. Gahhh! Every time I see these lists, I'm tempted to buy something! :P
    Thanks Tori for the info!

    ^ Thanks for the offer! You're so lucky to be so near the store! :biggrin: