Updated Bal family!

  1. As some of you may know I'm really new to Bal but the love has grown very strong surprisingly quickly! :love:

    I've decided to sell on and buy new pieces as I became more familiar with the styles and colours, I'm so so happy with my collection now!

    So here it is!


    Lovely Canard Hip mGSH and Argent Foncé City were preloved in mint condition from the nicest ladies
    Both Bleu Lavande and Dark Night RH Days are brand new

    Hope the Bal experts approve! :biggrin:
  2. Not a bal expert, but I love your collection! Esp the argent fonce city ;)
  3. Argent fonce city looks pretty!
  4. Lovely collection so far! Great color choices! Love your canard hip :smile:
  5. You've got some great neutrals there! But I love the pop of colour BL day brings! Congrats!!
  6. Pretty collection!
  7. Love your bag charms as well as your bag collection :love: Great choices!
  8. I'm a JC charm junkie for my Bals :graucho:
  9. argent & bleu lavande are just lovely :love:
  10. The Bleu Lavande is gorgeous.
  11. Beautiful collection!
  12. Great collection!!!
  13. :biggrin: You have a wonderful collection...which colour/style are you looking for next? :graucho:
  14. Not sure hun but definitely not a Velo or Work as find them ginormus on me. A City in Black mGSH is quite appealing :p
  15. Great collection!!!