Updated 2007 BBAG CENSUS! How many bbags do u own in the new year?


How many bbags do you currently own???

  1. 0, but hoping for one soon...

  2. 1

  3. 2-5

  4. 6-10

  5. 11-20

  6. 20-30

  7. 31+ ,& lusting for more!!!

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  1. Since the orig. poll has been closed, let's take an updated 2007 beginning of the year BBAG census: How many bbags do you currently own???? :nuts:

  2. Four

  3. Just three bags and one little coin purse on its way:heart: .
  4. opps...i thought this thread was "how many bbags have you received for the new year ?" and I voted 0...but now that I realize my mistake...I have only two right now....sold my sky blue city last week. Hoping to add a work to the collection and then I'm all set. I don't think i'll need another bbag for awhile unless of course something comes along that makes me break my ban.
  5. 6 bags, 4 wallets, a make up, and a toilet case....
    i have gotten rid of a few bags, but have decided to keep the ones i have and just add to the collection.
  6. Just two.
  7. me too.. juss TWO...

    I'm quite satisfied right now... but if somthing YUMMY does come out, I might not be able to resist! Still trying to break into my black city, my goal is to make it the PERFECT black city ^_^
  8. 10. Here is an older picture. Some bags were replaced. Need to get the new pictures. :nuts:
    Balenciaga Collection.JPG
  9. only got one and I love it :tender:
  10. I have two ... both twiggies, one black and one cognac. I'm hoping to adopt a couple more in 2007!
  11. I have 3 right now...'06 black City, '06 Grenat Part Time and '06 Maroon Weekender. I will be getting a black toilette case and a truffle shoulder within the next week.
  12. I have 6

    ink city
    rouge vif courier
    rouille twiggy
    emerald box
    magenta clutch
    grenat mini bowling
  13. One, sky blue day bag. :love:
  14. gorgeous collections, queen victoria and balenciagalove--love those colors!
    thanks for sharing pics w/us!!! :love:
  15. oh, forgot to mention bark's awesome collection, too!- love how colorful!