1. Hi everyone! A few days ago, I asked everyone for their opinion on whether I should get the damier papillon or the damier speedy. After much consideration, I decided to get the speedy 30, mainly because I want to use a purseket to keep my things more organized.

    I got the bag earlier today and I like it but...

    * I think I probably should've gotten the 25 instead. I LOVE big bags but this one looks a little too big on me. I'll have to ask my co-workers later to see what they think.

    * It has the dreaded "bleeding" problem. I forgot to take a cloth with me to the store but I did ask the SA if she had heard of the problem and she said she hadn't. I was honestly so excited about getting the bag that I didn't care at the time and figured I would deal with it later. Well I tested it when I got home and there were pink streaks left on the cloth when I wiped the inside of the bag.

    So now I think I might have buyer's remorse. :sad:

    BTW, was I supposed to get a lock with my speedy? Because they didn't give me one.
    speedy1.JPG speedy2.JPG speedy3.JPG
  2. good choice! i think i voted for the speedy...
  3. Yes, you should have gotten a lock. Look in the pocket on the inside or in your box. I have a speedy that's bleeding, too. The purseket will help protect your stuff on the sides and then you can place something in the bottom to protect it there, if you decide to keep it. I think the size of the 30 is perfect, but it's a matter of personal taste. Get opinions, that's a good idea. Think about it before you exchange. This is my second one, the first one I had was transferring the red color much worse than the one I have now. I think with time, it will get better. You have some time to mull it over. It's beautiful, btw!
  4. Congrats on your new bag, but big-fat bummer on the bleeding. Take it back to the store and exchange it and get your lock. The bag suppose to come with the lock.I had the same indecisiveness between the Speedy and Papillon - but I chose the Papillon at the end. I love the bag! Good luck on yours!
  5. Hi Melissa. I looked in the box and in the pocket but there's no lock so I didn't get one. It's not a big deal but I guess I could ask about it if I go back.
  6. Sorry to hear you're not loving your speedy. Perhaps its because you need a 25. I'd go an exchange it and see how you feel about that. Otherwise YES you should have gotten a lock and key so you might want to mention that right away to LV.

  7. Aww, sorry that the 30 isn't cutting it. But yes, you should definitely exchange it for the 25. Good luck with getting it!
  8. That just seems like so much work for a $600+ bag.
    Its funny that no one had this issue when this bag was SO.
  9. If you think it is too big then exchange it for the 25. I have the 25 and love it,even though it "bleeds". I use a pursket and a piece of cardboard in the bottom and haven't noticed any problem. And definitely make them give you a lock and keys!!!:yes:
  10. For the padlock,at the present time,there is a problem with the factory and most of store doesn´t have any more.
    But normally,the S.A should have told you:sad: .
    In our store,it´s been 3 weeks we don´t have any more!!!:shrugs:
  11. Congrats on your new bag, but make sure you are 100% happy, so you can really enjoy it!
  12. I've put all my things into the bag so I'll know for sure by tonight if any of the color actually transfers to my things. But yeah, I do agree that it's kind of ridiculous that so much has to be done to keep the color from bleeding on a $600+ bag!
  13. I see. Thanks for letting me know. ;)
  14. congratulations on your new bag! yes you should get a lock with the speedy.

    are you sure you want to put your things into the bag just to see if it transfers? maybe you can put other "unimportant stuff" in.
  15. Congrats! I would return it becous an bleeding bag can be really :censor: