1. BTW, this is my 100th post! I'm coming along in the PF.

    Ok, so tonight was our Young Couples Dating 101/Find a Mate For Life, thing at church. I was put on door duty by Isaac's mom. I got there an hour and a half early just cause I was ready and didn't wanna sit around the house (we live less than a half a mile from the church.) .

    So I began to get nametags ready and this and that and the other, waiting on a friend.

    John-Mark arrived first. (JM is the ex.) And, typical of him, he just said Hi and went inside. Isaac arrived much later. I was so relieved when I saw him. He steps up on the porch and waves at me. I say "Do I know you?" and he said, jokingly, "Naw, I'm from the other state." (Refering to TN) and we joked for a few seconds. He'd come with one of his friends that I'd met before. As a matter of fact, Rich was with us the night we went to the movies. So I knew him. By that time, I had a massive papercut on my right index finger and it was bleeding. Isaac saw me bleeding and asked if I was alright and I said yeah...and he, being good old joker that he is, said "Are you sure? Do I need to call the EMT's?"

    I sat at the door for the next few minutes saying "Hi." and passing out name tags so we'd know who each other were. And the church began to really fill up. Our church can seat 150 uncomfortably and there was barely a seat left open when we finally closed the doors. I, in the first BOLD move I've made toward Isaac, went and asked if I could sit next to him. He, joking again, said "no" but scooted just far enough over so that I could squeeze in next to him, even though the rest of the pew was basically empty.

    The service was really amazing, JM played the piano for us, giving me the night off, we laughed when Bro. Ron told jokes about his dating life.

    We took a 10 minute break between Dating 101 and Choosing a Mate for Life. Isaac couldn't keep his eyes off me. As a matter of fact, neither could Rich. He went out on the porch but stayed to where he could look in the door at me. We made eye contact lots.

    And then we went back inside. At a few points if you'd wanted to drop a piecce of paper between us, you would have had to use butter to get it to slide down. We were touching, all night.

    And then it was off to the Fire Hall where we had snacks set up. It kind of hurt me cause he ended up sitting with some one else, and I began fighting the urge to vomit. There was a girl flirting with him that I wanted to body slam....but then they left and his attention turned to me. My dad told Isaac that since him and my Mom won't be able to make it to our "Godly Parenting" class tomorrow because of work for him to keep an eye on me. He said, "I'll try, but she's a wild one." I was like...what does that mean? Maybe one of ya'll can tell me.

    But anyway I know you were all DYING to hear that and I don't know if that clues you in to anything or not. At one point Bro. Ron said something about body language and me and Isaac looked at each other and were like "Yeah, look at us." Our body language said it all.
  2. Sounds promising! I hope it works out with Isaac. So you will see him tomorrow? Good luck!
  3. Well, I think the "wild one" comment was just in jest. But that's cute that y'all flirted the whole time. He obviously likes you, good luck!
  4. MissyBaby, I have been wanting to thank you for the longest time for sharing this saga with us here, and earth residents in general.

    I have been thoroughly enjoying it!

    Show me one reader for whom it has not brought back sad, sweet, and in retrospect, wildly hilarious memories, and I will show you one reader suffering from total amnesia! :lol:
  5. ;) OK that`s enough i NEED to know what Isaac`s real feelings are ..i challenge Charles to call him straight away and have a mano a mano talk ! :roflmfao:
  6. I'll go get me hat ready by the sounds of it.
  7. Wooooo sounds promising!! keep us updated!!!
  8. sounds like hes very much still interested. fingers crossed for you.:yes:
  9. I guess I'll be the only one to say that I don't see anything different here. He's still being polite, which could be seen as flirty. It's great that you made a move by sitting next to him, but did he make any moves towards you? Did he come sit close to you? These times where you were touching him, was it cause you went to stand next to him or did he come stand next to you. When you were talking to another guy, did he approach? Did he ask you out? Did he give you any reason to think that he wants to date you?

    I really hope I'm wrong, but, I don't think he's interested.
  10. ITA!!! I've read the other threads a bit... didn't really keep up, but enough to know the background story. I don't mean to be a pessimist here, either... but it doesn't sound like his behavior here indicates anything different from before.

    Reading this brings back some memories of schoolgirl crushes for me... I enjoyed reading the posts. :smile:
  11. UPDATE!!!

    Yes I saw him today. I think we made MAJOR progress.

    Ok, so I knew today would be a wild day, today was the "How To Be A Good Husband/Wife Raising Children" lesson in our weekend of love studies blah blah blah. So I KNEW Isaac's big brother and big sister, along with their families would be there. Now, keep in mind that I've known Isaac's family ever since the day i was born and these people are like a second family to me.

    So I get there and get all set up at the name tag booth thing again on the front porch and chat with Isaac's mom, Morissa about school plans and about Isaac and this and that and the other. And then I see Kim, his sister, and her gang pull up in their van. So they all come piling up the steps, Kim, her husband Sam, their two boys Eli and Noah, following close behind Isaac's brother Patrick, his wife Amy and their two girls Alexandria and Cassandra. And then whaddaya know...Isaac and his buddy Rich.

    Now, it KILLS me to see Isaac with his nieces and nephews...he's so adorable with them. It's the chick chick in me but I think he's precious with them.

    So we all settled in and because he was in the middle of 4 rowdy kids, I didn't bother to ask to sit with him or anything, but he kept looking at me like "Please come sit with me." You just know those looks of desperation, that was one of them. His Dad asked me to play the piano and I said Ok and did my thing, I played 3 songs and went back to my seat, 2 behind Isaac, one behind Rich.

    The lesson was uneventful.

    After the lesson was over we all went back to the Fire Hall to have lunch. I left the church IMMEDIATELY after the service was over thinking that why should I bother he's got them kids to keep him busy. So I went through the line and got my food and then I see Rich come in and get his food. He stands around for a minute and then comes and asks to sit with me. (It makes sense I was the only other person there he knew.) So I said alright that's fine. Blah blah. Isaac comes in, goes through the line, gets his food and goes straight over to Rich's side, sets his plate down, then changes his mind and comes over there and SITS NEXT TO ME! I DID NOTHING!!! HE SAT WITH ME! I was in shock.

    You know when you were in school and you liked the guy that sat next to you so you two would always bump legs and play some form of footsie under the desks? Yeah. He kept his left knee touching my right knee the whole time we were sitting there.

    So it was me Isaac and Rich for a little while until Amy (another church friend) came over to join us. We were the unmarrieds in a group of marrieds. We sat there and talked about everything from Promise Rings and the point of them to Rich's love of Cashmere. And then we were told to vamoose from the Fire Hall so we all went outside to our cars. (I went alone today.) Me, Amy and Rich stood talking while "Uncle Ikkey" said bye to the kids, then when he came over, and stood next to me, the 4 of us ended up talking for 2 hours! 2 hours!

    Amy brought up the idea of a movie tomorrow afternoon after we eat at church, again, and before Isaac said yes, he looked at me.

    Draw your own conclusions.
  12. K - I'm agreeing with Charles here. This has been going on for MONTHS and yet, nothing has happened. He's 22 and if he wanted to be with you, he wouldn't be playing these games (unless he's very immature). I think that his ignoring you when there was another girl around speaks volumes about his intentions.

    Sorry to be harsh, but I'm old and cynical.
  13. I also don't want to sound harsh but the bottom line is he is NOT asking you out. It sounds like he is polite to you and friendly to you but you seem to be reading all sorts of things in to we sat next to each other and our legs touched, ect........ It sounds like such drama. He may see you like a little puppy dog, all excited and jumping around when you see him. It could be embarassing on his part because he may not want to say anything to you. Yes, people do go out in groups. That is still not a date. Since he has never asked you out on a formal date and you see him at all these church related things I would feel that he considers you part of the gang or even close like a sister since his family has known you forever. You sound like you read so much in to everything then get upset if something does not happen, yet nothing ever happened. You are jealous if he is with another girl-yet you are not his girlfriend so he can be with who ever he wants to be. I really think you are investing too much time in to chasing him and going to where he will be. You need to get a life of your own. People can see when someone is desperate and it is not a good trait. If he was interested he would have let you know. Maybe if you tried to not be so available to him he may take a second look at you. Men do not like to have women chase them, it always seems to be the ones that they have to work for that they are willing to chase.
    I reallly wish you luck.
  14. Whatever is meant to be will happen...

    I do love reading the stories though!
  15. It sounds to me like potentially his friend Rich has the hots for you, and Isaac is just trying to help out Rich, because he knows you better...