UPDATE with pics: I saw the coolest Chloe today

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  1. OK girls, here it is! The SA today scanned it and said it came up as "Large Shopper" which seems lame/odd, and that there were only two in all of Nordy's inventory.


    The side:


    Here are all those Heli's I mentioned:

    And the Paddy's:


    What do you guys think of the red one? The leather is super smooshy.
  2. What can I say, Lana, :drool::drool:
  3. oh my gosh look at all those beautiful bags, its like heaven!
    ive never been lucky enough to buy one from a proper place like that! always from ebay!
    ive been missing out!!!!
    i went to the chloe boutique in spain and felt sooo out of place!!! and they only had a few bags!
    the read one is beautiful really different from the usual chloe!
  4. :thinking:Not sure about the red bag LYM - it looks very boxy in the photo and the shoulder straps look a bit strange. Did you try it on ? If so, how did it look ?

    Obviously because I have a total one track mind at the moment :blink: , my eye was immediately drawn to the silver metallic Heli ( I've posted a message to you about this in the shopping strand about the small shoulder bag Helis).

    :tup:Well done for getting those photos though - some fabulous eye candy there and no mistaking :love:.
  5. Just re-read my last post - sorry if I sounded a bit sniffy about the red shopper LYM. That wasn't my intention. It just didn't grab me from the photos, but I'm sure if you were smitten it probably looks fab IRL :tup:.
  6. Very stylish and stands-out definitely!
  7. Tag, no worries at all. Since I'm really not in the market for a bag I didn't try it on or anything, so I can't speak to usability. There was just something about it, I think the vertical zippers look really cool, and the leather truly is TDF.
  8. Cute bag, reminds me of an updated version of the Tracy. Look at all those gorgeous beauties.......a Chloe candy store.
  9. thx for the eye candy! :drool:

    the new bag looks nice and oh so practical, but is it amazingly heavy? Did you try it on?

    I am stuck on that amazing blue paddy in your last pic!!! :heart: at first cameraphone pic!
  10. Oooooooo :tender: Bag-porn! :drool:
  11. It's the Riva Tote :tup: So GORGEOUS :love:

    Those Heli's are about to give me a nervous breakdown...:sweatdrop:

    Anything on sale? ;)
  12. ^^ Can't wait for the heli's to go on sale. The all look tdf.

    I like the red colour, looks squishy. Might look better on:smile:
  13. ^^^ Me too, pixie! I have a black one and they are TDF! I love her :love: In addition to being gorgeous, I find the heli is very practical for 'daily' life (especially if you prefer a 'shoulder bag'). Now I'm just looking for an excuse (translation: sale!) to buy a red (or prune, or brown) one...:nuts:
  14. p.s. LOOOOOOVE your Avatar, pixie :drool::drool::drool:
  15. lanasyogamama what great pics! It looks like a grown up sweet shop. Thanks 4 posting!