Update - What's at Bob Ellis in Charleston, SC

  1. They have the Ruby City with RH; Ruby Day with RH; Black City with RH; Marine Midday with RH (didn't really like this one much - I was told the leather was "Nappa" - didn't look like it would age well); City bag in I think Anthra with GSH, Black Day with RH. I purchased the Charbon Day in RH which I have posted in another thread. The Ruby City is nice. The color was even but distressed. The Ruby Day looked more even in texture. Ruby was just not for me, but I am sure someone on the forum would wear it well.
  2. Thanks for the heads up.

    Did they have any old stuff on sale? I know Mona Moore had a sale on their SS08 stuff a few weeks ago.
  3. Nothing on sale, unfortunately. They are the only ones in Charleston who sell Bal bags, so sale items go pretty quickly. They also have stores in Atlanta and Charlotte that may have a better selection (bigger stores).
  4. As of earlier today, they had a Black City, Black First and Mandarin City for 25% off if anyone is interested. 843.722.2515
  5. how was the leather on that black city?
  6. From what I remember, it was a little wrinkly but not overly distressed. It did look pretty black to me. I already have two so I wasn't interested. but it may be worth buying it unseen for 25%. I think they will send pictures if you call.
  7. wow, a black city on SALE? somebody should jump on that! :smile:
  8. ^^ That's what I was thinking, except I have two :smile: Hope someone on here went for it!

  9. As of today, 6/2, these bags are still there and are now 33% off. The black First is less than $800.
  10. I'm interested in the Black with RH. What is RH stands for? I'm sorry that I'm still not too familiar with the hardware. Does anyone has a pic of it? And with 33%off, how much would it come out to be? Thank you.
  11. woowhoo! i ordered the city! i have been wanting a black city forever! this will be my first city if you can believe it! thanks for posting cbarrus!!!!
  12. ^^^ congrats yslalice! Can I ask how much the City was going for?
  13. Does anyone know how often there are sales?