Update! Two Apple Red Vernis Accessories Will Be Available

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  1. ...February 1st instead of January 1st. Dang!! The SA at South Coast Plaza gave me wrong information.:sad:

    Thanks to Tigger, a fellow tPFer, who said a SA said the launch date was actually February 1st, I called my regular SA at Neiman Marcus a few minutes ago and she confirmed that the heart-shaped coin purse and the envelope plate will be available on February 1st in time for Valentine's Day.

    Perhaps next time I ought to call two different SA's to make sure they are telling me the right thing???

    Oh well --- more time to save....
  2. Thanks for the update!! :flowers: Hehehe you're right, more time to save.:nuts:
  3. Yeah I think those two will be available Feb. 1st but the existing styles will come out in the Pomme d'Amour on Jan. 1st.
  4. Hey PurseNut911,

    You are very welcome. This is what this forum is for.
    who is your SA at SCP? I visit that LV sometimes, maybe I will make a purchase from him/her next time.
  5. Hi, Tigger. My regular SA at SCP is Val (she is the shoe manager) and she's very nice and helpful. She was busy when I called so I thought I'd ask whoever answered the phone at LV some basic apple red vernis questions. I should have known something was not quite right when she tried to transfer my call to another associate when I wanted to be on the waiting list for the heart-shaped coin purse. Because the boutique was so swamped with people, she was instructed to take my name and phone number down. Hmm... now I wonder if she did that right. :confused1:

    No matter --- I talked to my wonderful SA at Neiman Marcus (her name is Jennifer, BTW) and she put me on the waiting list so I will definitely get the coin purse on February 1st.

    Thanks again, Tigger!! This forum is great, isn't it?
  6. What?! A heart-shaped coin purse?! I just found my Valentine's Day gift :nuts:
  7. Wow thanks for sharing...I can't wait to see them! They should look very pretty!
  8. Omg a heart shaped coin purse? :nuts: I HAVE to have one!
  9. Cool, definately more time to save!! This actually makes me happy. :biggrin:
  10. yay. before valentines day!
  11. Thanks for the update BUT I WANTED it ASAP:nuts: Can't wait to see what they look like:love:
  12. I wanted it ASAP, too. Now I'm wondering what I need to get soon to get my LV fix......lol :graucho:

  13. haha ME TOO:nuts:
  14. thanks...great they'll be out just in tiem for the price increase
  15. Oh, Val? She's my SA too! :nuts: I love her... isn't she the sweetest? :love: