UPDATE: TPF Charm: For the Love of the purse

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  1. Hey everyone and good morning.

    I just wanted to update you on the status of the purse charms that the leatherprince is making for us.

    He finished a couple of prototypes with 2 handles and I think they look better with the two handles. He will also be listing in multiple colors so that you can just buy the listing as is if you want. I recommended that he make a few sophisticated options in Black and white and maybe one in pebbled leather.

    He also wants us to name the purse for the title of his listings.

    Again, these purses will be available in a couple of days to order. You will be responsible for ordering your own purse. Be sure to book mark his site here:


    the price will be approximately: $17.50 each + $3.50 shipping
    Measurements are: 7.5 X 4.5 cm

    Look out for these within the next day or so.

    Here is his letter to me:

    Hi Desiree,

    We have finalized the design with two straps , really nice !!( not much changes on the rest )and some other colour combination too. knowing quite a lot of TPFers like different colour, so we made one each out of the flavour colour mention, pink, red and blue...will work on more colour if possible, this way they can buy straight from the listing as picture shown product.

    However, they still can choose the main body colour they want when purchase and leave a note to us but we will judge on the straps,heart and bottom colour because sometime colour does not match out nicely, we hope to have this option to it :smile:

    Since this is specially made for coach TPFers, we would like you all girls to come up with a name for it, we will use it for the charm name and mention coach TPFers for requsting this charm in our description ( again ...no coach or TPF word ), this will be more meaning!! If anyone who request to do in different colour or take off the heart shape stuffs, we won't use the name as the charm, so it will tell the different ,what do you think?

    I will list them later in our shop as " leatherprince Purse Charm " first, will wait for the actual name in the mean time :smile:

    We really thanks you for taking care on all the question for us, sorry for all the troblue.

    P.S. i have look through your shop and found out the harry potter charm are suitable to use on this leather charm, i think you can do a good job on this!! thank you.

    best regards,

    Ok, so lets pick a nice title shall we?

    My choice is: “ for the love of the purse”
  2. Thanks so much for the update. I really like your idea for the title.
  3. I think that title is perfect!:smile:
  4. Thanks DS for the update, I like your title as well!
  5. Did he send you pictures of the new version?
  6. #7 Jul 9, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2009
    I love your title and the little charm but I just realized he only accepts PP and I don't have that :crybaby:
  7. The name you choose is perfect... Love this Idea..
  8. Maybe you can message him and ask him if there is anyway he can accept another form of payment. I used to sell A LOT online and though, paypal was my prefered method of payment, I was always willing to work with people if paypal was a problem. It never hurts to ask.
    Have you ever tried to set up a paypal account? It's fairly easy. Someone here on Tpf once posted that they use a prepaid Visa card from Walmart to pay for things with thier paypal account so, I don't even think you have to have a bank account for paypal if that is the issue.

  9. As for payment, you can sign up to paypal easy peasy and attach it to your CC.

    Any payment questions, please Convo-Private Message Leather Prince on etsy.

    Just an FYI, again, it is getting really late for him over there so it may take him a whille to reply. I have been getting all of my replies in the early morning.
  10. You guys, CC is listed in his payment options
  11. this is totally cute!!! why can't coach make something like this?!
  12. I'm so excited! yay, should we go ahead and order or wait for the new version?
  13. ^^^mrod, they probably will now after seeing this. That little purse it too cute! Now I have to think about colors....