Update to the post office package switch

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  1. After all of the evidence was presented to the post office supervisor, the conclusion is that it was indeed a inside job. Both becca and I have reported this matter to our local post inspectors and hopefully they catch the crook. Insurance will refund me and I've refunded becca. This just goes to say that nobody should point fingers until proven guilty. This will be my last post here, for awhile atleast. my husband somehow discovered the thread and does not want me to sell anything anymore on ebay or purseforum. He also said that I was spending too much time on here, and that I should get back to reality. Too bad he doesn't understand this is my getaway from reality. :sad2: Anyways it was great sharing purses fantasies and conquests with you all. I will really miss this place. :cry:
  2. I hope it all works out---

    Maybe you could sneek on when he's sleeping??;)
  3. Glad everything is working out. Hope to see you back soon.
  4. I hope you get the apologies you deserve Allie.

    I'm very glad everything worked out in the end and I'm sad that you won't be posting much =( But at least you'll be at the luncheon that Eileen is hosting yea? See you there!!
  5. I missed your posts about the incident, so I don't really know what happened. I just want to wish you good luck, and hope everything works out for everyone.
  6. Kylie, you deserve all the apologies. Come back soon, your posts/pics were always fun to read.
  7. Hi Kylie,

    That's a good outcome out of a very weird situation. Did they review the video tapes? How did they discover it was an inside job? It is terrible that it happened but it seems that you are getting a swift resolution.
  8. ^ I think you should just PM her so more accusations/questions don't stir up again

  9. You and Becca have really been through the mill - haven't you?

    If you really enjoy posting here, I don't understand why you would stop - just because your husband told you to, though?! :huh:
  10. Glad to hear it all got worked out. Hope you get everything resolved quickly with the post office and you and the hubby make up!

    We will miss seeing ya... come back soon please!!
  11. Please everyone, do not take this the wrong way, (especially you Allie) I do not want to sound like the biggest jerk in the world, but you are sending me a check; for only $500. I am still over almost $240. So to me the situation is still a big mess that I am still literally sick over (and is still far from over). I would feel much more comfortable if you refunded me my Paypal account, but for whatever reason you can't, then I accept that.

    Allie you are very well liked and popular here. It would be a shame for you to stop posting.
  12. Becca-WHY isnt the full amount being refunded????
  13. Oh gosh. I hope we don't have more drama.... I like the marketplace. I want it to stay!
  14. Maybe because she doesn't have all the money right now. I'm sure all the money will be returned in no time.
  15. Me Too!! The marketplace is awesome. This incidence should not have any impact on it though; Vlad and Megs know it was a problem beyond member's control.
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