UPDATE: to previous thread about unsalable item

  1. well lets update on this experience, i was so brief earlier becaus ei was on my blackberry, well i went into the boutique which is larger than the one i usually go to. and there were only 2 nice SA's and even they were fairly uneducated. i knew a whole lot more than they did. well i bought all of my things and then i left and iw as in my suite playing with the amarante wallet and i found it to be verrrry purple, too purple for a guy, well anyway i took it back and they said it was scratched and unsalable, i was in shock but it had to be my fault because i got the wallet out of the (already inspected) box from LV dist. center. Well, i dont know why( if it was my VIP or the amount I spent that day but they made an exception and tooke it back , personally i think that an Sa was dieing to have it and they can buy a unsalable item. FYI the manager that deemed it unsalable was verry snooty and rude and she wasnt wearing her uniform or anything she was wearing very ugly and casual clothes that i didnt exactly find appropriate for LV. But i did go back to my SA that night and she said it was all fine and she and the nasty manager found it very thgouthful that i offered to buy it back. Im not exactly a fan of vernis bc it seems high maintenance. i like how the canvas collections are low maintenance.

  2. When I had to return my sunnies once because the arm was loose, they said the item was unsaleable, I'm not a VIP and I didn't spend a super amount of money and they still took them back :smile: It's all about customer service.
  3. im sorry it i sounded snobby about that, they were just the only reasons i could think of. SORRY!!!
  4. No no you don't have to be sorry, but I was just pointing that out in case there's anyone who's afraid that they won't accept an item that's damaged.

    Added: it's just like, my friend works as a server in a restaurant, and she brought out a burger to a client.
    He complained to her a couple minutes later, saying that the burger had a BITE OUT OF IT!!!! Clearly, when she brought it out, it was untouched. So most likely the guy just didn't like the burger and wanted them to take it off the bill. Because their restaurant is known for their customer service, they had to take it back. Of course this isn't a luxury item like LV is--but still!