Update to "My story ... with pics"

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  1. great story!!! congrats....:smile:
  2. Congrats!!
    This one is my fave :nuts:
  3. Wow what a haul--Those are some great deals!
  4. Ooh love everything!
  5. cool thread! loving all your great deals....I am one of those avid deal seekers myself. You've found some really good conditioned bags too.
  6. Beautiful mono collection!! In such a short amount of time, you found such great deals! Congrats! I especially love your perfo cles, GREAT deal, 2 for 250!!!! enjoy them all in good health!
  7. Wow, amazing finds!!! Congrats on your new LV family.
  8. This is such a fun thread! I went back to your first one to start from the beginning, you get the best deals! I love the new family pic, it looks great. Congrats on all your new goodies and your great deals, enjoy!
  9. you have an amazing collection regardless if they are new or pre-loved!

    Congrats on all your new pieces!
  10. congrats:smile:
  11. Great deals! Congrats! Wear them all well!
  12. I'm a HUGE supporter of buying preowned - way to get some great deals! I just love the perfo pieces especially, congrats!
  13. Congrats! I can't believe the deals you found!
  14. Congrats on your new additions!
  15. Wow, was gone for most of the day ... thank you so much everyone for your kind words and sharing my story with me! It has been very fun for me ... not only getting into LV ... but at prices I could afford! Since its not sports related :amuse:, my hubby totally DOES NOT understand so he can't share the thrill/joy of my collection ... he thinks I'm quite nuts :nuts::nuts:. Its nice to be able to come here and have people "oohhh and aahhh" and celebrate with me!! :yahoo:

    Thank you so much!! :hugs: