Update to "My story ... with pics"

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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2010
    Hi everyone, life has been busy ... took a rest from LV :shame: but now that I can breathe, I can continue with my story and hunt for more bargains! :yahoo: April was a busy month for me starting with this baby!! She is my most expensive purchase yet coming in at a cool $500 ... I lost my head during the bidding war ... we've all been there, sweaty palms, heart pounding ... have to win it :nuts: ... you know the feeling!! At least she wasn't a dud ... love the single handle, holds my essentials and pretty comfortable! Here she is:
    Viva Cite GM

    Here is the link to my first half of my story:


  2. Cool, great deal!
  3. Congratulations on your hard-won (and beautiful) victory!:happydance:
  4. It was like a feeding frenzy that cool April day ... and I couldn't stop myself from bidding ... could not step away from the computer ... don't know what came over me :roflmfao: and so I came home with "twins" so to speak ... fraternal twins :P At least she was a little cheaper, weighing in at $399 ... introducing Viva Cite GMs twin ... my Coussin GM! At first we didn't bond as tightly as her sister ... but I've come around. She fits quite a bit and is really comfortable laying flat between side/arm so makes a perfect date purse for me!

  5. Oh wow that was a real deal, congrats :biggrin:
  6. congrats!
  7. I had been using my cles for a while and my oldest who went off to college had been eyeing it longingly .... so I let her have it (what a nice mom!) Well, I started missing it ... it was so perfect to stick some id, CC, cash and run to the store, etc so on the prowl I went again! I came across an auction for the perforated green cles .... perfect & one of my favorite colors! The gal on the bay was a sweetie and said she had another one in orange and she just hated to split them up (... I'm a sucker for keeping the family together:P) so I said sure I'll take it! 2 for $250 ... not a bad deal for perforated!

  8. Congrats!
  9. wow great bags & prices !
  10. congrats! good deals!
  11. Was trolling the bay again looking for a messenger type purse that I could use and abuse at the zoo, amusement parks, etc with the family and came across this little thing! I thought she would be perfect ... and she is ... just not zoo perfect:P! Her patina was too pretty and in great condition .. so she is my indoor shopping buddy instead! Coming in at $270 ... here is my Trotteur:

  12. awesome!!!!
    love the perforated family!!
  13. Went back to the bay to see if I could find that perfect knockaround purse ... you know the one you won't freak out if you get caught in the rain with ... and I found the perfect thing late one night. Someone had just put up a BIN for $150 for this little thing and I couldn't believe my luck! :yahoo: I was bad and I sat on pins and needles for a while cause I bought ... then authenticated auction pics and then my own ... but after everything was all ok'd ... I was doing the happy dance!!! She is perfect and she is my zoo, amusement park ... goof off purse and I love her!!! She fits everything I need, was actually in great condition so I don't abuse her .... but she definately is my go to purse for certain outings!!
    My Viva Cite PM

  14. NOW where are you finding these looking new deals!! is it the bay? love them all.
  15. congrats!