Update to my Heritage Pink Tote strap issue...

  1. Ok, I went in this morning with my poor little pink tote and showed the manager and the SA there my straps (pink from the leather had transferred onto the straps)....they were COMPLETLY nice about it and said I could exchange it for a new one or for something else. Since I don't want to worry about it happening again to a new pink one, I instead got the new signature stripe shoulder bag, large, black/black white...

    I'm kinda sad cause I miss my happy pink tote, but I would have been a nervous wreck about it if I had just gotten another one. Maybe I'll get the new coated Tattersall tote when that comes out for a fun happy bag, at least the leather that would touch the straps on that one is natural colored.... but I am loving my new bag! :heart:

    I got this one:

  2. I'm glad to hear you were able to return the bag! There is no point in keeping something you are unhappy with! Congrats on your new bag!
  3. Glad to hear they were able to take care of you and sad you won't have your pink tote anymore.
  4. I'm so glad that you were able to resolve this so quickly. I know that you were really stressed about it. Fortunately Coach's service is one of the best there is. BTW...Your new bag is lovely!!
  5. I really like that bag, and no transfer worries.
  6. Ya, I do love this new bag, I didn't have anything black/white, but I DO need something springy/summery....lol....does anyone know when those new Tattersall coated totes will be out? :smile:
  7. Well I just got that bag in the brown stripe. Its put away till warmer weather right now. If more people have this issue then I may have to rethink the bag. I wouldnt like any kind of color transfer on the strap either. The tattersall tote is cute too, but I dont know if its "me"!
  8. I am so glad that they let you exchange it and that they were so nice about it! That is great for business for them! So glad that you got something that you feel better about!
  9. Congrats on the new bag, how nice of them to let you exchange it! Hope this bag works better for you!
  10. I'm so glad to hear it went smoothly! And I'm glad you got a bag that you love! Sorry the pink heritage tote didn't work out, but at least Coach made it right for you! And your new bag is gorgeous too!!! Congrats!
  11. Nice to hear they (COACH) did the right thing. Did Coach say why they thought this happened or if any one else had this problem? Congrats on your new bag. CHEERS
  12. I'm glad you got it all worked out! Your new bag is lovely! congrats!! I don't know when they will come out but when the tattersall totes come out you should definitely get one!! I considered the brown signature stripe one today in the store but then decided against it since I already have a Carly.
  13. Glad to hear you were able to get the situation resolved!
  14. No, they said they hadn't seen this problem yet but the bags were so new. The SA did say that her friend had that tote and when she went to condition the leather on the bottom, the leather wouldn't take the conditioner??? Oh well, I miss it because I LOVE pink, but I'll hold out for that Tattersall caoted tote with the natural leather, that way nothing could transfer onto the straps. :smile:
  15. So glad you got that resolved. Nothing worse that being stressed out over something like this. After we fork over so much money for these purses we should be able to carry them confidently.