UPDATE: Recived item in RETURN, will ship again. Who pays shipping, ME or BUYER?

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  1. Alright. So, i got an email from the buyer of a pair of jeans 2-3 days ago saying he hadn't received the item. Quite the coincidence, but today, i got the package in return from my sweet mailman. Anyway. The adress was written clear and correctly, however, it was delivered with a handwritten note saying the adress doesn't excist. I've asked the buyer for the adress again, but who should pay the extra shipping? me, or him?
  2. Is the address you sent to the one on their eBay account? If so then the buyer is liable
  3. If the buyer's address is the same shown on PayPal but is incorrect, them buyer should be liable. If it is the mailman's mistake, for buyer's perspect, he/she didn't do anything wrong. If you would like to received a positive feedback, I think it would be a good idea you pay for the second time shipping. If so, you could tell the buyer and choose a slower and cheaper shipping method.

    I don't recall seeing an eBay rule talks about this though.
  4. It has happened to me before too. If it's my mistake then I pay if not then I invoice the buyer. Also if it was addressed correctly in the first place and it was a post office error then bring it to your PO and they should re-ship for no charge.
  5. If it is a confirmed address you're in the clear. I would call PayPal to make certain. However, I agree with the person who suggested that you pay in order to avoid being negged. I would contact buyer to validate address before shipping again. If it's different than the original file a postage claim with PP to recoup loss. Hope this information helps.
  6. This is sick.

    I just checked the adress in paypal, and the adress is exact the same as i wrote.

    Then, i check his "buyer-location" in ebay, and it clearly says Canada.

    I sent him a message on this two days ago, and i still haven't got a reply.

    Is this buyer trying to scam me or what? how can he have one adress in paypal and another in ebay? i shipped correctly, and now i'm losing 20$

    He's unverified btw.
  7. I would just wait for your buyer to respond and if he insists the address is correct then take it to the post office and explain it is the correct address, maybe the post office there made the mistake.
    I have re-sent packages this way and as long as there are no changes to the address label then there has not been a charge.
    You could always request his contact info through ebay and give him a call, it might be worth a shot.
  8. but it's so weird, his changed his COUNTRY..
  9. Hmm..i agree that you should wait for the Buyer to reply to you i mean if the person cares they will send you a message,but sometimes the Mail is weird my friend send me a package to me and they Post Office returned it to her saying it didn't exist and she put the right adress which was weird O.o,I hope things work out!
  10. I had this happen for a package I sent to Hawaii. The envelope was stamped multiple times with "Address unknown," but it was the correct address.

    As long as you take the unopened item to the post office, they will mail it again for free. The key is, you must not open the item.
  11. That is pretty strange!
    Hopefully he will contact you soon, but try not to worry!
    Also you did send it to a confirmed address so your buyer is most likely legit.
    Also as creighbaby mentioned don't open the package.
  12. PayPal won't accept responsibility for an unconfirmed address. It is very strange that his ebay address is Canada. I hope things work out for you.
  13. Maybe he moved house and just forgot to change teh address?
  14. perhaps you're right, venetia.

    I've opened the package, but i guess i just can glue it again and fool the mailguys.. :biggrin: hahaha.. i'm going to hell for this, ain't i?