UPDATE: Pookie's new home

  1. Pookie, our little foster pup who broke his leg, has gone to a WONDERFUL home with people who will spoil him rotten and another dog his own size to play with.

    It was weird not to wake up with Pookie licking my face and playing in my hair, but these people are so wonderful that I wish they would adopt me:yahoo:
  2. That's fantastic news!!!:party::dothewave:
  3. I'm so happy for Pookie. Every animal deserves a wonderful home. Good job, Robyn!
  4. Yea for foster mommie Robyn!!
  5. Whoohoooo Robyn!!!! I know that must be hard not to have Pookie now, but how fulfilling that you found him his forever home! Wonderful job, you deserve a pat on the back:woohoo: :drinkup:
  6. YAY!!! :yahoo:

    I'm so happy to hear that Pookie has a great home and a sibling to play with!

    It's really wonderful that you care enough to take care of animals in need! Thank you!
  7. You're an angel--I'm so glad to hear this. Pookie deserves a fabulous home with a loving family and you helped him along till it happened. Bless you!