*update pg 6* Picking out bling-y band tomorrow, help!!!

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  1. DH had an epiphany over the weekend and decided he wants me to pick a band, like yesterday, LOL!
    My ring finger size is small so it has to be custom made, he thinks I just know where to go and I can go pick it out and walk out w/ it :Push:
    ssshhhhyeah! :P

    I have a whole slew of bands I want to have one day, but what to go for 1st?
    I love teeny little delicate bands and I'd like to have them in white, yellow and rose gold, and then eventually I'd like a few chunkier eternitys in all diamonds, diamond blue sapphire, a diamond/pink sapphire, etc. . . then there's always those purty French cut bands.

    For reference, I have a round brilliant solitaire in a basic Tiffany's setting now.
    What would you choose?
  2. I love the prong set mircro bands, they really accent a piece and are great for even when you don't want to wear really loud jewellery, but you can still keep your blang. Plus you can remind DH that it's a smaller bad, and thus cheaper - so you can spend more next time. ;)
  3. not sure if I know about those. . . are they micro pave?
    I'm wondering if he'll go for buying me 2 of them if they're the teeny mm bands? :thinking:
  4. oooooh! :heart:that!
  5. ooo love the 1 or are they 1.5 mm micro pave bands! Those would look gorgeous on each side of your ring!!!!
  6. OK, is your husband a DREAM or what?? What a sweetheart!

    I, too, love the idea of a couple of tiny micropave bands, a la Leon Mege:

    If you want something with more of a blingy impact -- and a unique look -- perhaps this one (one of my all-time faves, and on my Wish List....maybe someday!). It will be considerably more expensive. Definitely one to be worn alone and without your main rock:
  7. hey Kristy!
    Yeah, he gets something in his head and goes whole hog until it's conquered, LOL!
    I'd LOVE anything from LM!:cloud9: But we also are completely spoiled and need instant gratification . . . maybe one day I can do that wait! Maybe for my solitaire setting I STILL have not changed :rolleyes:
    I tried on the teeniest and sparkliest little band today by Ritani, it was positively glittery!
    The store didn't have a good chunkier eternity IMO, I didn't like their settings and it was a big box store that I wouldn't likely buy from anyhow.
    Tomorrow I'm hoping my usual jeweler will have some sparklers for me that I love.
    I don't have the pics on my MAC, but do you know the French cuts bands I'm talking about?
    I posted them before, I'll try and find them.
  8. ^^ Yes, I do know of the French cuts! About 4 years ago I fell in love with an eternity band consisting solely of French cuts at a local vintage jeweler's here in San Francisco -- it was a tiny little 1.3mm band and it was a whopping $2,000, I believe!!! Apparently, French cuts ARE that expensive! But I LOVE the look -- subtle and gleamy as opposed to sparkly. If you can find a band with well-done French cuts, DO IT!!!! They are very special. I will be SO jealous!!!
  10. ugh! Went to jeweler and am now confused. . .
    w/ the size of my solitaire I pretty much decided against a big chunky heavy carat weight eternity.
    OK, so that's good, marked on off :smile:
    Problem is I added something else, a Harry Winston-esque mount instead of my basic Tiffany's setting. :Push:
    So now I wonder if I should get the couple of stacky bands or go for a mounting instead?
    I'll try and find some pics to show you what I'm deciding between.
  11. Swanky, I think a few small stackers would be a cool way to go (although haven't yet seen the HW setting). I LOVE this website, www.lamberthlyle.com, which sells beautiful pieces at great prices.

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  12. yes, LOVE those! Let me see if I can attach a few pics. . . .

    Top is setting/mounting I love.
    Or I could just alter my current solitaire setting {it's temporary for now as it's set too high/too many prongs/prongs too chunky} and for the same $ as a new mounting I can get 2-3 stacky bands.

    The thin bands are just an example, I'll likely choose one w/ sapphires and one w/ only diamonds in a basic thin band. I want one funky band and one plain-ish one.

    What do y'all prefer?

    If I get the setting, I'm still going to want some stacky rings later. . . if I get teh stacks now, I'll still want that setting later, LOL!:shame:

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  13. My friend has the coolest wedding band! It's double pave band w/ a gap in the middle & her e-ring (tiffany round solitaire) slides inside the gap. So it looks like there's 2 bands stacked, one above the e-ring & one below, but it's just the one band and the e-ring. Idk if I'm explaining it right! :confused1:
  14. That setting is very classy, and I think it will look great with some stackers. I like all of the bands you posted, but especially the sapphire and the very thin band with RBs only. Do you want two bezeled bands? I think one bezeled band (maybe with milgraining) and one thin micropave would be really cool together.