UPDATE pg 5 BIRTH!!! need your prayers..only 32 weeks

  1. went to visit my dh's cousin who is an obgyn for fun while spending time with dh's family for the weekend...we always visit her while we are here to play around with the ultrasound machine..when she checked me she realized she couldnt find my cervix so she asked to check it. i was in shock when she told me i was 2cm dilated...they rushed me to labor and delivery for monitoring..

    i guess i must have lost my mucus plug last week and i didnt realize what it was until i mentioned it to her. they gave me shots to help develop the baby's lungs just in case i deliver..i was also contracting 4 to 6 minutes which i didnt really feel.

    i am only 32 weeks so i am very scared. yesterday morning they checked and i am now 3cm dilated but good news is that i took some fibronectin test which turned out negative. that means we are hoping we have at least 2 to 3 more weeks left..i am hoping more...

    i was finally discharged from the hospital and am now on strict bedrest at my inlaws 6 hours away from home where all our things are...

    my in laws planned a surprise shower for me and instead i surprised them with this news..i am pretty much stuck here but am blessed since i am in the best care possible since all of dh's family is in the medical field.

    hope you can keep us in your prayers...

    thanks for listening...
  2. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully the baby will stick it out for a few more weeks!:heart:
  3. thank you danica.. i am praying for your baby's health too....
  4. i will keep you in my prayer :smile: wish you a smooth and safe delivery at 40 week. keep us posted!
  5. I know it's scary, but 32 weeks isn't too bad! The steroid shots for the lungs make a huge difference:yes:
    I forget the exact math, I'll try look it up, but it's something like every 1 day in the womb is like 3 outside. So take it day to day, try and stay clam, each day is closer to the goal!
    Do you know if it's a boy or girl?
  6. I'm 36 weeks and have been dilating and having contractions for two weeks too...
    thanks to everyone's prayers my son is still holding on to mommy:smile:

    I hope and pray that your baby will also hold on a few or more weeks till he's ready:smile:

    Praying for you and your baby's health...:flowers:
  7. Hang in there! It sounds like you're in good hands!! Praying that baby stays in there for awhile!!!
  8. I'm sure your baby will be fine if born a few weeks early! You're definitely in my thoughts! Good luck and best wishes!
  9. thank you all for your support. i really appreciate it. this is our first baby and we are expecting a boy=)

    sarsi- im so glad your baby is holding on as well...

    we are trying to hopefully get to at least 34 weeks here or we will have to be transported an hour away where there is a better nicu.

    i have been trying to read up on preemies..anyone here delivered preemie babies? any advice is appreciated.
  10. I have been in your shoes~ My first born tried to come at 30 weeks. I was put on meds to control the contractions (procardia) and was given the steroids to help develop the baby's lungs as well. I contracted all the way until I delivered, on time at 40 weeks. My baby was very big and healthy.

    Your baby will be fine~ don't do anything strenous and try to not have sex. :rolleyes:..that can initiate labor in the later weeks. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your baby to be:flowers:
  11. I was in your shoes exactly 5 years ago. :smile: I went into labor at 32 weeks, with strong contrax...I forget how many centimeters dilated I was, but it was enough for me to be rushed to L&D and given a shot of terbutaline, which prevents contractions. They put me on bed rest after that and I took terbutaline daily, which gave me the shakes but kept my son inside until 38 weeks when my scheduled C-section was supposed to happen. I stopped taking terbutaline the night before my C-section, and immediately went into labor! My water broke, strong contractions started, and they quickly moved my C-section up. Lol. Everything turned out fine. Are you on any medications to stop labor?

    Even if your baby is born at 32 weeks, that's not bad. I remember the nurse telling me at 32 weeks that if the baby were to be born now, everything would be fine. :smile:
  12. hi...im glad to know your labor went well. i am not on medication now just strict bedrest. cant move around whatsoever unless to go to the restroom. i just got the two shots for babys lungs while i was at the hospital and my fibronectin test came out negative. i am seeing the dr tomorrow again so i hope everything stays stable..

    thanks for sharing your experience.
  13. nycbagaddict dont worry I'm sure you are in good hands with your family and doctors...

    My first baby was 5 weeks early,
    I'm diabetic but I make small babies, my daughter was born only 3 lbs.
    But she was strong and healthy,
    she had to stay for 11 days in the hospital to gain weight
    and like everyone said we are lucky to be in a time where medicine
    is awesome!
    Now my DD is 4 years old and you can't even tell that she was born so small and fragile!
    she is just perfect:love:

    your Son will be in good hands...:heart:
    with everyone's prayers and your family and doctor's care...
  14. Someone close to me was in the same situation like you 4 years ago. We were worried but things turned out good. Her baby is now healthy, beautiful and smartest little one i know.

    I hope you and your baby will be safe and sound. I'm sorry I dont know much about this but my prayers are with you.
  15. Thinking of you & praying that your baby will be fine.