Update: Opening a New Store!!

  1. Haven't been around in awhile-losing my first retail store and everything, but I'm getting back on my feet and will have a new store in March with wayyyyyy better terms. Hanging on to my supporters, and letting go of the haters. 2008 will be a great year. Hope to be back online soon!!
  2. D...Good luck with the new store! Wishes for a wonderful successful 2008!
  3. Dlovely- wishing you the best in the coming year!
    I bet this will be a HUGE success!!!
  5. Good luck with your new store! What kind of store is it?
  6. I thought you got your store back? I know you were having problems, but then you managed to keep your lease, and werent you even open for Black Friday?
    Anyway, good luck on this new venture.
    2008 is a New Year, and I wish you much success:yes:
  7. Keep us updated!

  8. Thanks everyone for your encouragement and support.

    Queen, I decided to close the store because no matter what, I was going to be harassed, and they were not going to remove the provision of taking 15% of my profits over the break-even point.

    Long story short, I'm glad I closed because that mall's business has dropped off due to all the bad weather we've been having.

    As to my new store, it is a boutique, and besides getting back to making my own handbags, I'm also creating dresses/evening wear.I will post pics as soon as I can. But for now, I'm just planning my grand opening for 2008
  9. Oh, ok. Well, congratulations, I hope you have a mountain of success with this new store! I cant wait to see pictures!!:tup::tup:
  10. Wish you lots of luck in the upcoming year!
  11. Thanks again ladies. I'm super excited. I'm taking a diff approach to suppliers and sourcing, so Im going to a trade show in Feb. I've also come up w/ a diff design theme for my boutique. I used lots of color and went for a retro look the last time-now I want ultra chic/modern look with some cultural accents thrown in so it doesn't look "severe" or too pretentious.

    My next project is to upgrade my branding/marketing strategy. 2008 will be a great year. A may even put on my own fashion show;)
  12. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Congratulatons!! How exciting!! Good luck with the store!!
  14. Good Luck...I know it could be kind of stressful opening up a store....hope everything works well!!!:tup:
  15. Thanks for the well wishes carol86cruz, CoutureObsessed, x joie. This is only the first day of 2008, and I'm just feeling like this past Xmas season is far behind me, and I have about 60 days before my new store opening!!

    I actually only took a week off after closing the first store before deciding to open this store, so it really feels like I've already put a ton of work into this one.

    Anyway, I've decided on traditional Japanese-inspired home decor theme for my interior. I am deciding between using black trim or other trims. I'm in the market for Shoji room dividers, big and small gongs, and brush art. So if anyone in California/Midwest, NYC knows of any stores I can get these things from, I'm open to suggestions.

    Have a happy New Year and Thanks again everyone:tup: