Update On Waikele LS Outlet...PIRATA!

  1. Hey Everyone, I know i posted that Pirata would be in today. That is what a SA from Ala Moana and Waikele told me over the phone yesterday. So I just called Waikele a minute ago and spoke to Nancy and BAD NEWS. PIRATA print won't be in til Friday, due to delivery van trouble? Weird you would think they would have another van. Oh well...the wait continues:tdown:
  2. Thanks sooo much for posting this because you saved me a "drive by" this afternoon and rather than spending money on things that I don't need I will go to the baby store and buy the things I am really supposed to be buying! LOL

    So, it's going to take them 2 days to fix the can and drive 20 miles? Too funny!!!!
  3. YW for the information. Yah, you would think they would have a spare van or some other employee could pick it up. I hope they have a LARGE selection. well 2 more days ain't to bad. :smile:
  4. lol...yeah 2 days for a trip that takes like 30-45 mins lolz. *sigh* sad for you guys.
  5. :roflmfao: so true. i think they could push the van in a day. it's ok, i'm patient. btw, i'm broke and friday is payday:yahoo:
  6. god i was hoping i would get paid today..but no such luck...thank you mr. postman :sad: but he did bring me good news...i have a test for a job on the 21st woot.
  7. Good luck, Jessaka! What kind of job? Something that will make you :yahoo: I hope!!

  8. Thank you Sisterblue :biggrin: Well, it's a state job, Clerk Typist III so hopefully I get it. I will probably make the same or a little more as my job now if i get it..but the bad thing about my job now is I have no insurance so yeahh I need it O__O please everyone give me good thoughts or pray for me if youre religous lmfao...but my test is not until Aug 21st :biggrin:
  9. I will be thinking happy job thoughts for you! :smile:

    To stay on topic...which Toki bag will you be bringing to your test? LOL :p

  10. FYI, I stopped by Waikele on the way home just to make sure and there were no Piratas out. LOL
  11. ^And they weren't there?

    Sisterblue, thank you :biggrin: Hmm idk perhaps I shall use my Adios Star Zucca ;) lolz.....
  12. Nope, none. I'll do another drive by tomorrow.
  13. lol drive by. it reminds me of gangsters and stuff. haha. anyway thanks for the update! i really hate driving there, cause of traffic and there really isn't anything to do out there. >< (well...i don't know what there is to do.)
  14. It's on my way home from work so I literally drive by as in drive through the parking lot and peak into the window. I'm weird I know...
  15. is that the excuse they are giving? the van broke down? lame. i try not to check "non-work related" internet sites when i'm at work so didn't see this posting so went there this afternoon. the SA said that they are holding off putting pirata out until this weekend and wouldn't confirm if it was friday/saturday. hmmm ...