Update on Toby.

  1. So after giving my little Toby his first pill of the medicine the vet gave us, and giving him some of the pumpkin as suggested, he threw up about 3 hours afterwards.

    Considering that it was just yellow juice he threw up, i figured it was just because of the pumpkin that maybe did not agree with his tummy.
    The following day (yesterday) i did not give him any of the pumpkin and just gave him his pill, and about 15 minutes later he threw up ALL his food. :sad:

    So scared that something was wrong we took him back to the vet for more X rays to see if it was the battery causing the vomiting (which would mean it was still in his stomach) or if it was the medicine.

    We got the results and GOOD NEWS! it was already in his rectum!
    The vet said to give him a couple of hours and it would be out! :yahoo:
    The vet also gave him a shot for the nausea.

    Sure enough, 4 hours later it showed up in his poo.
    Even more good news is my dad got a brand new hearing aid without having to pay another $2,000 for it!

    Thanks for everyones prayers and wishes, ya'll did a great job cause Toby is all better! :love:

  2. SO glad to here everything came out all right!!:graucho:
  3. lol yeah tell me about it! I dont even wanna LOOK at what comes out of that little butt for awhile!!
  4. Glad to hear that he is doing good.
    ^^LOL, that is so funny.
  5. aww glad he's alright now. i'm always afraid of what my puppy eats. i always get it out of his mouth. i used to be grossed out by his poop, but now i'm used to it. except for when it really smells.. lol.. sorry i'm grossing myself out :shame:
  6. Yaaaayyyy!!! I'm glad he's okay and everything worked out well for all!
  7. That's great! Having something in your rectum is so much more fun than having it stuck in your intestines. I am not speaking from first hand experience, but I think we would all agree.

    Did that sound strange?
  8. So glad to hear that your lil Toby is better!!!!!
  9. Glad he is ok now!
  10. Yaaaay Toby! I'm so glad he's alright. :heart:
  11. Thanks for letting us know. One of the less fun parts of being a fur mommy--searching thru the poo and vomit for the various carp they eat.

    Glad that Toby is ok (and on to the next adventure).
  12. :yes: :yes:
    all's well that ends well!
  13. Wow. That was lucky!!! I am glad that it all came out allright (no pun intended ;))
  14. I'm so happy for you and Toby :yahoo: