Update on the surprise bay...

  1. Well, I had a feeling it was too good to be true. Miss Obsessively-Honest decided to call customer service again as I could hardly sleep over this goofy bag last night (told you I was obsessive) I had a thought in the middle of the night that if I kept it, I might find a huge charge on my cc bill for the difference. So I called again....

    Apparently everything I was told yesterday was wrong. Sending a replacement bag is NOT common practice, as I was told..and I kind of figured this out after reading other people's comments on this board about cancelled orders.

    This bay was sent by mistake. She said I could still keep it, as it was the company's error and I would not be charged more than my original price.

    Still, now it really feels like stealing....just when I was starting to become attached!:crybaby:
  2. I dont think I read about your original story, but if you have told them all about it, and they are saying its their error and its ok to keep it, why should you feel like its stealing ?

  3. I don't think this is stealing. You've notified the store twice and they have confirmed it was their error and to keep the bag. You did the right thing by calling them so I would enjoy that beautiful bag.
  4. ^^^^ditto!
  5. if your feelings of guilt are gonna ruin your joy over the bag then just return it!
    I personally would have absolutley no guilty feelings whatsoever because they said you can keep it, twice.
  6. So, you can keep it and not get charged more than the original bag you thought you were getting?
    What store is this?
  7. The company can afford the loss. You won't get offered chances like this often. Fate has favoured you. Perfectly honorable to accept.
  8. Thanks for your input. I think that you all may be right. Even though the second rep said I could keep it...if I feel comfortable with that, I am beginning to think that I do. This may be a very skewed way of thinking of things, but I have spent my whole life being SO honest, and SO MANY times that has been to my detriment. Maybe this is a reward for all of that. Can you tell I am really trying to justify keeping this bag?! :yes:
  9. Take her out and you will feel better!
  10. Yes, I think I may take her out very soon.

    I've been "practicing" ....Problem is she is more beautiful than anything else I own!

    I may have to go buy a new cute outfit beforehand, so she won't be embarrassed to be seen with me! :lol:
  11. Ok I just thought of a much bigger problem on your hand besides guilt, the fact that you have been introduced to a gorgoues chloe and the fact that your addiction to Chloe might start......;););)

    Maybe thats a good way for stores to get people addicted.....
  12. Uh, yeah....that's already happened. I can't tell you how long I've been on here looking at all of the different styles! I think I may want another one!!!

    Liking the Medium Betty, Edith and Paddys (although there seem to be so many styles I can't keep them all straight!) Really, all are gorgeous!

    Of course, after getting one for such a bargain, it will be a shock to the system to pay full price! ALTHOUGH, since I did get such a great deal on the first one, maybe that means I can afford to buy one more????:idea:
  13. Well I would never buy Chloe at full price....you can always find what you want at a decent discount if you look hard enough!

    I have an Edith and it is fabulous. I highly recommend one in the regular Satchel style!
    Like this:
  14. How funny...I found that exact bag on eBay. Supposedly never carried. I posted it on the authenticate board and I have asked the seller for more pictures. So far they think it looks good. I think she has it priced at 799 or best offer. I may make an offer, and see what happens. I can't go too high...I have to buy football equipment for my 8 year old today (thats close to 300!) and of course, we have to eat! :smile:

    I noticed you're a sahm mom, as I am. Do you use your Chloe everyday? If I splurge for one, I want one that I can carry on my shoulder (as I am always holding children's hands) and that is practical enough for everyday. Do you think this Edith is a good choice for that?

    I appreciate corresponding with you
  15. I change bags frequently(almost everyday).......I don't use the edith everyday becuase I don't have the one with the long shoulder strap, but I try to use it when I can becuase I think its the most gorgoues bag there is......I am actually ordering the same one in black with the long shoulder strap.
    That particular Edith fits very tightly on the shoulder.