Update on the shimmer leather and Inspire Me shape :)

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  1. Okay, last thread...I promise! Gotta get dinner started. :P Just wanted to update on the shimmer leather...I've been using the black shimmer off and on and its been really super. I haven't notice any scratches or rubbing at the corners (I did use LMB's treatment for corners though so maybe that helps?) or anything so I think it might be one of those that doesn't show a lot of wear which I definitely like! It was really soft and supple when I got it (my DH asked me if it was a new Balenciaga lol..he was surprised it was a BE because it looks so different from my other BE bags and the leather felt like a Bal to him...poor guy knows about the brands thanks to my bag obsession!) but I think its gotten even slouchier if that's possible. I've been liking that its not a flat black and so it looks great with all of the boring neutrals that I usually wear...We got caught in the rain once and it wiped dry no prob and no weird water stains or anything...

    The Inspire Me has been a really cool shape...I feel like it hangs on my shoulder like a hobo almost..totally changes shape once its on. I wasn't sold on the tassels but I think it adds something interesting so that works. I think that probably one of the things that I like best is that I can reach in and grab stuff out of it when its on my arm...that's priceless when you're carrying a baby! :smile: But then I also totally love how comfy the strap is (usually a huge issue for me) and the zipper (though I usually leave it open lol). Haven't really used the messenger strap yet so not too sure about that...All in all, I'm super happy that I went with it for my go to black bag. Any one else with this bag? I'm kinda curious how everyone else likes it so far since its a new style...Oh and hope you guys don't mind me sharing but I know that I've obsessed over reviews and modeling pics here on TPF a lot (especially when thinking about buying something that I want to be totally sure about before spending the money on it) so I wanted to contribute lol. :P
  2. Yummy - she sounds lovely! I am so glad you love her!
  3. So glad you like it..getting Nutmeg myself..and now also the Black shimmer..thanks to you ;)

    I recieved a swatch of Black shimmer, and was at once surprised how thick and hardy it seemed . So nice to get this confirmed by you ;)
  4. *sigh* black shimmer...lusting..
  5. Thanks for the updates, I would love to own an Inspire Me :smile:
  6. So, any pix?
  7. Yay! I have a bag twin now lol...or is it a leather twin? :P
  8. LOL..Yes to both! :graucho: