Update on the Crooked Kelly Handle

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  1. i played with the handle last night and gently nudged it to center but most likely by default it will tend to go to the left.

    this morning, i took my new kelly to my local hermes boutique and showed my SA the crooked handle. she and i both agreed that it was definitely leaning towards the left but she wasn't sure it was a "manufacturing defect". she kindly offered to send it to a master craftsperson to take a look and see what if anything could be done but i told her not to worry about it. another SA told me her kelly handle leans forward and to the right. they said that my kelly will probably correct itself the more i use it. it bothered me just a little and i just needed to talk it over with my SA. now i'm satisfied, and hopefully i'll have the courage to peel the plastic off the hardware and use it!
  2. thank you for the update kim! i am glad the SAs took you seriously and thought about sending it to a MC to look at it. please do continue to let us know how the handle changes shape! :smile:
  3. So glad the store was able to put your mind at ease (a little). Now hopefully, you can rip that plastic off and really enjoy your beautiful Kelly - congrats!
  4. Yea. Use it, and love it.
  5. I guess that we all need to remember that these bags are handmade and in that endeavour there probably are always some flaws.
  6. yay! i'm glad everything is ok.
  7. Enjoy your Kelly! Peel off the plastic! Use your Kelly in good health.
  8. Great that you got it off your chest. So use it!! I have been using my kelly alot lately.. well,, I switch bags when it rains/pours.. but I have been carrying her to everywhere. As quote my DH "No use buying it and not using it.. it will just collect mould" :biggrin:
  9. You did good taking to to the SA. I'm glad everything turned out ok!!
  10. Peel it peel it! Yay!
  11. I am glad you feel ok about it now. Enjoy it.
  12. Good news! Enjoy your gorgeous Kelly!